Adai RecipeAdai Recipe is one of the famous south Indian breakfast recipes. Usually, South Indian Adai Dosa Recipe has an added flavor of lentil, black gram, moong dal and other ingredients. This recipe can be categorized into one of the healthy breakfast recipes which can be prepared hassle free.

We can make this recipe in different ways, in our version, I tried to explain the easier way of doing this recipe. During my leisure time when I was reading an online article, I came across Ppadhus Kitchen, thanks to “Padhu” madam for sharing exciting Adai Recipe.

I was impressed the way she explained and also she made this recipe more nutritional by adding drumstick leaves, curry leaves, minced onions, and tomatoes. In order to get the similar flavor, one need to add drumstick leaves and curry leaves while transferring dal to the grinder and top minced onions and tomatoes after spreading the batter on the non-stick pan.

Ingredients for Adai Recipe:

Rice – ½ cup

Yellow Lentil – ¼ cup

Black gram – ¼ cup

Yellow moong dal – ¼ cup

Bengal gram dal – ¼ cup

Red Chillies – 2

Onion – 2 (Optional)

Salt – As per your taste.

How to Make Adai Recipe:


  • Soak rice, yellow lentil, black gram, yellow moong dal and Bengal gram in water for overnight.
  • Grind soaked ingredients by adding with little water if needed and make the smooth batter.


Tip: You can also add pinch of asafoetida while grinding.


  • We need to take care while pouring batter on pan, it needs to get heated at optimum level.
  • Spread the batter on the pan by circling with a spoon.


Tip: If you want you can add onions and tomatoes (which is not included in ingredients list) to the batter to enhance the flavour of the South Indian Adai Dosa Recipe.


  • We need to cook on low flame if the batter poured on pan is thick.
  • If you like crispy then make the layer thin and cook on a low flame
  • Serve Adai Recipe hot, also it tastes great with Ginger Chutney.