Apple Beet Cucumber JuiceApple Beet Cucumber Juice brings you all goodness of vegetables and fruits; it’s a perfect Healthy Juice. People who are looking for diet control can use this recipe regularly and keep you fit. It is a kind of Vegetable Juicer Recipe which helps you obtains micro nutrients as well as keeps your body away from diseases.

It’s a colorful and yummy nutritious drink which not only gives you smooth experience while drinking but also increases your immunity and keeps you young.

Before having this juice if you look its health benefits and nutritional facts you will be mesmerized and will love to have one more glass.

Health Benefits of Beetroots:

  • Beets are loaded with antioxidants
  • It has the capability of lowering blood pressure.
  • Beetroot decreases heart problems and helps in detoxification.

Health Benefits of Apple:

  • If I am right you might have heard the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
  • Yes because of its nutrients and health benefits above word has got such importance.
  • Apple is loaded with Vitamin B.
  • A study shows that it improves neurological problems especially Alzheimer Disease.
  • It’s powerful natural antioxidant boosts your immunity power against many infectious agents.
  • Also, it’s high in dietary fiber which aids in controlling bad cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Cucumber:

  • It is the ideal food for dehydration as it contains 95% of water.
  • Cucumber has an ingredient ”polyphenols” which helps in reducing cancer risk.
  • It promotes in decreasing weight loss.

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Ingredients Apple Beet Cucumber Juice:

Apples (medium size)- 2
Cucumbers (medium size) – 3
Beetroot (medium size) – 1
Lemon juice – ½ tsp.

Prepare Apple Beet Cucumber Juice:


  • Wash the apples and cut into small pieces.


Tip: Apples come with wax coated. It’s a good idea to clean them properly with luke warm water so that wax melts. Later you can clean the layer with a paper towel.


  • Peel cucumber and beetroot and cut into pieces.
  • Add little lemon juice to the above pieces and transfer it to juicer
  •   Many people don’t like pulp remain in the juice, you can squeeze out the pulp in a muslin cloth.
  • Pour into a fresh bowl and serve chilled.