AriseluAriselu Recipe or Kajjaya Recipe or Athirasam is one of the famous sweet recipes of south India, they are prepared during Makar Sankranti. In different parts of India, this recipe is called as Kajjaya, Athirasam. Making use of the equal amount of ghee and oil not only gives you exotic smell but also crispy outer and soft inner flavor.

For garnishing, we used sesame seeds for this recipe. This is not an instant recipe, we have to soak rice one day before and make it semi dry and then powder it. From times, people believe that Ariselu recipe/ Kajjaya Recipe or Athirasam doesn’t affect our body temperature. In south India, especially in villages, I have seen people making this recipe during marriages as a sweet gift.

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Ingredients for Ariselu Recipe:

Rice – 2 kgs.

Jaggery – 1 ½ kgs.

Oil – 1 kg.

Til/ Sesame seeds – 100 gms.

Cardamom powder – required

Water – required.

How to Make Ariselu Recipe:

  • Soak rice a day before.
  • Drain rice on next day and dry it on a cloth.
  • Grind the rice to the powder, distil and cover the powder without losing moisture.
  • Cut jaggery into small pieces and put in a thick bottom vessel and add water.
  • Boil jaggery until you get thick consistency syrup.
  • Meanwhile, fry til coarsely and keep aside.
  • Once you get the thick consistency of jaggery, add til, cardamom powder and powdered rice.
  • Stir constantly and make sure you don’t get balls formed. Once it is done, let it cool.
  • On other hand heat oil in a kadai.
  • Make balls and press on a polythene sheet into your desired shape.
  • Deep fry Ariselu Recipe such that oil oozes out from it and are golden brown in color.
  • Once done, transfer to a skillet and drain excess oil and later put them on a paper.
  • Once cooled, store in a container.