Cabbage VadaCabbage vada is one of the south Indian deep fried snacks which are made from ground lentils and finely chopped cabbage. You will never know that this recipe is made of cabbage, it tastes like onion.

This recipe can be made only with one ingredient i.e Urad dal or else you can also make it mixed ingredients. We usually mix to increase its nutritional values as well as to attain spongy texture.

Learn how to make Cabbage Vada in the vegan style where you don’t find any onions or garlic in it. If you like soft and spongy vada then you need to soak dal overnight at optimal temperature.

You might also like to check Ulundu Vadai which is quite similar to this recipe and Andhra special Bellam Garelu which is sweet version. If you want to try similar veggie mixed vada then beerakaya vada or sweet corn vada may suit your taste.

Ingredients for Cabbage Vada:

Bengal gram (split) – ½ cup.

Urad dal – ½ cup.

Cabbage (finely chopped) – 2 cups

Green chilies – 2 no.

Fennel seeds – ½ tbsp.

Black Pepper powder – ½ tbsp.

Ginger (finely chopped) – ½ inch size

Cumin Seeds – ½ tbsp.

Asafoetida – 1 pinch

Salt – As per your taste

Oil – for deep fry.

How to Make Cabbage Vada Recipe:

  • Soak Bengal gram and urad dal for overnight with enough water.
  • Next day drain the water and take some portion of Bengal gram aside.
  • Grind soaked mixture with very little water to smooth paste.


Tip: Using little water makes cabbage for absorbing less oil.


  • Blend Bengal gram and green chilies to a coarse mixture.
  • Mix all the remaining ingredients along with the above blend mix.
  • Heat oil for deep fry, take the little portion of the batter and flatten to 2-inch thick diameter.
  • Fry at medium flame to get the golden color and until they are crispy.
  • Make remaining vadas with equal proportion and place them on a tissue so that it absorbs excess oil.
  • Serve Andhra cabbage Vada Recipe with coconut chutney or green chutney.