Caloric Values Of Food Items, Caloric Values of Fruits and Vegetables

Caloric values of food items : A good diet should contain fruits and vegetables. You can make your own diet plan according to your height, weight, and age. Many of us feel that we can control our weight just by skipping our meals. Skipping meals may affect your nutritional balance, which may lead to un-necessary health problems. Also it’s a good idea to know the calorie values you intake. Accordingly you can work out how to burn your calories, I have mentioned some tips to make you fit. Here are some caloric value of fruits and caloric value of vegetables.

Below are the list of caloric values of food items:


Caloric value of fruits

Strawberry1 cup50
Sliced OrangeMedium70
Sliced Melons1 cup60
Grapes1 cup100
Cherries15 Cherries80
Sliced Papaya1 cup55
Diced Pineapple1 cup78
Sliced Mangoes1 cup107

Caloric value of vegetables

Potatoes – boiled½ cup68
Spinach½ cup20
Squash½ cup20
Green Beans½ cup20
Cabbage½ cup15
Cauliflower½ cup12
Carrots – steamed½ cup35
Green Peas¼ cup35
Okra1 cup31
Mushroom1 cup15
Onions – chopped1 cup64
Tomatoes1 cup32



Note: Calorie values indicated above are approximate. It may vary depending upon weight and variety

Tips to make you fit:


  • Take the stairs instead of using lift. By doing so you are not only burning calories but also you are keeping thighs fit.
  • Park your vehicles at a distance from your office, shopping mall etc. and walk that extra distance.
  • Get off the bus little distance away and walk the rest to your office or home.
  • Prefer taking a walk or bicycling to purchase grocery or paying bills for short trips.
  • Take active part in your children games and activities. By doing so you can have good relation between you and your child.
  •  Take your pets our daily for a walk
  • Least but not last do physical exercise as much as possible.


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