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Glossary Of Indian Spices And Translation To Various Indian Languages

Indian Spices are aromatic and they enhance the taste of the food. Now a day, these flavoring substances are included in almost all recipes. You find different blends of spice mixture. Each tastes different and gives you different flavor when added to the recipe. India is being one of the…
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Kitchen Tips 2

Every home maker should know Kitchen Tips and Tricks as to complete her work fast and be efficient. There are number of tips for cooking and storing foods. This is my second set of cooking tips and tricks. Don’t waste water like liquid obtained above the curd, put it in…
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kitchen Tips 1

Kitchen Tips and tricks - Every home maker wants to know and learn how to best use of Kitchen ingredients and cooking tips. There are number of Tips for Cooking and storing foods. If you doesn’t like your green vegetables and leafy vegetables to lose their colour while boiling, add…
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