Chapati-RecipeChapati recipe or roti recipe is one of the staple recipes from North India. If you are diet conscious, it is recommended to have chapati every day. It is also good food for diabetic patients.

During winters I always prefer having chapthi made of whole wheat. Chapati recipe goes well with palak paneer recipe, mix veg curry, aloo bhaji, Bharwan aloo or egg curry.

Ingredients (Measurement used – 1 cup = 200 ml):


Whole wheat flour/ atta – 1 cup
Yogurt/ Curd – 1 tbsp. (Semi-solid curd which is not too sour)
Oil – 1 tbsp.
Salt – ¼ tbsp.
Water – required for making smooth dough
Ghee – for applying on chapatti

How to Make Chapati Recipe:


  • Sieving takes important role as it can eliminate insects or other stuff from flour
  • Take Whole wheat flour and sieve it.
  • Add salt, yogurt and oil. Mix well until oil and curd are spread and absorbed by atta.
  • Sprinkle water over dough and knead so that it becomes soft and non-sticky.
  • If you have time you can knead for 3-5 minutes on a hard surface so that oil, water and curd get absorbed by the flour.

Tip: Finally dough should be non-sticky, if you feel it’s still sticky then you can sprinkle some flour and bring to soft and non-sticky.

  • Cover the dough and keep aside for 30 minutes.

Tip: If you are the busy employee then you can refrigerate and make use of this dough whenever you need.

  • Make equal sized small balls and keep aside.
  • Cover these balls until you make use of them so as to maintain moisture (during summer season).
  • On a roti maker dust it with flour and put this ball and pat it slightly.
  • Roll the ball with roller and male puri sized chapati by dusting with flour if necessary.
  • Apply oil over it and molding it to a triangular shape.
  • Again roll the dough into circular shape.

Note: Applying oil over roti and molding it to triangular shape gives you three layer roti.

  • Heat tawa to optimum heat and put roti on it so that It will not stick to tawa.
  • First, cook one side and when you see bubble then shift to other side.
  • Apply some ghee over chapati so that it bubbles like puri.

Tip: Applying ghee will keep chapati recipe moist and soft which can be torn with three fingers.

  • Serve hot with aloo curry.