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Cheese SoupCheese Soup Recipe is one of the healthy thick soup recipes. The main ingredients are butter, cheese and milk all of them are loaded with calcium. If you are suffering from any kind of joint pains or any other ailments which need calcium then this recipe might be the one you are searching for.

I have come across this soup in a restaurant where they used thick cream to prepare and it was so good that i wanted to try it at home.

I simplified this recipe with very less ingredients and cooking steps. You might recollect you childhood days of creamy soups by looking at this recipe. I agree soups which are light before your meals increases your digestion but no soup can compete with soft, silky, creamy with richness of cheese.

You have two options with you, you can continue preparing simple cheese soup or you can add vegetables or non vegetarian into this soup. In that scenario this becomes base recipe for your final recipe. You can use different combinations like onion and barley, tomato, broccoli, cheddar and cauliflower etc. for all these combinations this recipe acts as a base recipe.

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Ingredients for Cheese Soup Recipe:

Cheese – 1 cup

Garlic cloves – 8 no.

Butter – required

Maida – 8 tsp.

Milk – 10 cups

Water – 4 cups

Onion (sliced) – 1 cup.

Salt – required

How to Make Cheese Soup Recipe:


  • Heat butter and let it melt, add maida and fry.
  • Grind garlic cloves and make a paste.
  • Add this paste to milk and mix well.
  • Distill milk and pour into maida mixture stirring continuously.
  • Once it is cooked, add water and cheese (grated).
  • Add salt and onions, cook further until cheese melts and onions get cooked.
  • Cheese soup is ready, serve hot.




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