Egg Kurma Recipe, How to Make Egg Kurma, Spicy Egg Gravy Curry

Egg Kurma recipeEgg Kurma Recipe is one of the South Indian recipes blended with spices and gravy. It can be considered as one of the side dishes which goes well with biryani, pulao or even chapatti.

Most of the time this is served as lunch or dinner side dish, Spicy Egg Gravy Curry is a great idea to prepare when you are out of vegetables in your kitchen.

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Eggs – 4 (hard boiled)

Onions – 2 no. (medium size)

Coconut grated – 3 tbsp.

Tomatoes – 2 no. (medium size)

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp.

Garam masala powder – 1 tbsp.

Bay leaf – 1 no. small size

Cumin seeds – ½ tbsp.

Green cardamom – 2 no.

Cinnamon stick – 1 inch stick

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Green chili – 1 no. (sliced)

Red chilly powder – ½ tbsp.

Coriander powder – ½ tbsp.

Cashew nuts – 2 tbsp.

Cloves – 3 no.

Oil – 4 tbsp.

Salt – as per your taste

Coriander leaves – 3 tbsp.

Water – required

How to Make Egg Kurma Recipe:

  • Boil eggs and remove its shell once cooled.

Tip: In order to get perfect hard boiled eggs add ½ tbsp. salt or 1 tbsp. of vinegar, this will keep the egg white intact and eggs don’t crack

  • Poke eggs with a knife or a fork so that it will absorb gravy.
  • Heat oil in a pan and fry eggs for a minute or two.
  • In the same pan with left over oil, add cumin seeds, bay leaf, cinnamon stick and cardamoms.
  • Sauté for a while and add onions and green chili, when they are about to turn golden color add ginger garlic paste.
  • Sauté for a minute, add tomatoes and turmeric powder.
  • While tomatoes are being cooked make a paste of coconut and cashew.
  • Add garam masala and red chili powder. Mix well.
  • Add coconut and cashew paste and 2 tbsp. coriander leaves.
  • Let them cook until you feel raw smell is removed.
  • Pour water until the eggs are covered by ¾ size.
  • Cook eggs on low flame for a minute or two so that it absorbs the flavor of the gravy.
  • Garnish egg kurma recipe with coriander leaves and serve hot with biryani.

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