french fries recipeFrench Fries Recipe is one of the delicious mouth licking potato recipes. It’s crisp, soft delicious and is usually served with tomato ketchup or mayonnaise. For those who are potato recipe, lovers will definitely love it.


Potatoes – 2 big sized. (approximately 250 gms.)

Red chilly powder – for sprinkling

Cold water – 500 ml.

Oil – for deep fry

Salt – for sprinkling

How to Make French Fries Recipe:

  • Clean potatoes under the tap and remove the skin.
  • Slice them into thin sticks, if you feel it’s a lengthy process you can opt for French fries dicer.
  • Using dice you can attain the equal size and perfect sticks.
  • Rinse these sticks 2-3 times in normal water so that excess starch on the surface can be reduced.

Note: Starch usually makes fries darker in color before it’s cooked from inside.

  • Add these sticks in cold water for an hour or two.

Tip: You can also put them in water and refrigerate for an hour or two.

  • Remove from cold water and dry them by placing on tissue paper.
  • In a pan put oil and heat to medium temperature.

Note: Excess temperature may burn, if the temperature is low then you may lose its crispiness, so maintain medium heat.

  • Frying will be done in two steps, in the first step we will cook till they are soft and in the second we will make them crisp.
  • Now in the first step, we will fry them at around 300 degrees until moisture is evaporated and cooked. (for about 4-5 minutes)
  • Remove them and keep aside (on tissue papers)
  • In our second step, we should increase its temperature to 400 degrees and re-fry them for about a minute or two so that you attain golden color.
  • Transfer to kitchen tissue paper so that we can remove excess oil.
  • Sprinkle salt and chilly powder.
  • French Fries Recipe tastes great when accompanied with Tomato Ketchup or mayonnaise.