Fruit SaladFruit Salad is always placed in high category when it comes to health concern. Whatever the healthy food we take, fruits play a major role in providing adequate vitamins and protects form nutritional defect. Having Fruit salad on dining table is one of the healthy habits.


Grapes – ½ kg

Apples – 2 (big size)

Banana – 4

Pomegranate – 2 cups

Dry grapes (kismis) – 1 cup

Cherry – 100 grams

Almonds – 50 grams

Vinegar – 1 spoon

Ice cream – 1 cup

Sugar syrup – 2 spoons

Preparation of Fruit Salad:


  • First wash all the fruits with fresh water to clean the dust and chemicals
  • Peel the thick layer of apple, Pomegranate and cut the pieces into ½ inch size
  • Cut grapes and cherries vertically
  • Soak the almonds for at least 4-6 hours and remove the outer layer and cut them vertically
  • Except cherry and almonds mix all other fruits and put them in a bowl. Mix vinegar and sugar syrup and mix well
  • Put the above mixture in refrigerator
  • Mix the chilled mixture with ice cream and decorate it with almonds and cherries
  • Serve chilled