Ginger Garlic PasteGinger Garlic Paste are mainly used as a flavouring agent in many Indian recipes. Because it has many culinary uses and also it serves as a gastric stimulant, most of the kitchens (especially who cook non vegetarian recipes) in India have this ingredient stored with high priority.




Ginger root (finely chopped) – 150 grams

Garlic – 150 grams

Salt – ½ tsp.

Preparation of Ginger Garlic Paste:


  • Wash the ginger root so that all the mud above it gets washed. Now even the skin on the ginger root gets soft.
  • Scrape the skin and cut into small chunks and keep aside.
  • Peel the skin of garlic.


Tip: Apply oil to garlic cloves and expose to sunlight so that the skin comes out easily


  • Put the ingredients in a blender and blend it to smooth paste (you can add little vinegar to increase its self-life), it doesn’t alter the freshness of the recipe.


Note: Do not put any water, instead you can use little oil to increase shelf life


  • Store it in a clean airtight jar.
  • You can also put it in refrigerator