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Kitchen Tips and tricks – Every home maker wants to know and learn how to best use of Kitchen ingredients and cooking tips. There are number of Tips for Cooking and storing foods.

  • If you doesn’t like your green vegetables and leafy vegetables to lose their colour while boiling, add pinch of salt and few drops of lemon juice
  • While cooking cabbage, if you add small piece of ginger then you can eliminate bad odour
  • If you put the dried beans for 8 hours then it acquires 8 times more nutrients
  • When trying to mix moong dal, if you pour some chilled water then it will come like bulge and come out like sponge.
  • When grinding red Chilli powder, if you pour few drops of oil then it gets good texture.
  • When storing Mango pickle if you sprinkle some Jaggery powder above it, you can overcome sponge like bacteria
  • If you want idly like sponge then while mixing put some rice(cooked) and cook idly after 5-6 hours
  • To remove fish odour, before cleaning the fish, put it in salt water for a while and then clean it with fresh water.
  • If you put your new sweeper edges in a container containing boiled water mixed with some salt then your sweeper last for long time
  • If you want brighter light out of your candle when power off, put your candle in a small vessel and pour water in it and place the vessel before the mirror.
  • You can store raw coconut for a week but applying little lemon juice
  • When preparing ghee out of butter, if you put small piece of raw and fresh potato and curry leaves in the then you will get superb smell
  • After having your meals if you eat one carrot then it will remove bad odours from your mouth also you can get rid of swelling of gums
  • If you put some mint leaves on dining table then you can avoid mosquitoes and other flies
  • If you want variety and delicious taste out of bread, apply some milk on the surface of the bread and put it in oven under low temperature for 15 minutes.
  • If you don’t want to get smell out of coconut oil which is stored for many days then put some stone salt in it
  • If your biscuits or papad lose its crispiness, then put them in refrigerator for 3-4 hours then you will find them crispy
  • If you wash and put ladies finger dried for half an hour before cooking,  you can rid of stickiness
  • If you want to store hot water for long time in hot flask then add little salt to the water
  • If you want onion pieces to be cooked fast then apply some sugar to them
  • If you want ladies finger curry to be crispy then cut the ladies finger previous night and cook it next day
  • If you put boiled and peeled potatoes in black salt water then you can restore its colour from getting it black


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