Kitchen Tips 2

Every home maker should know Kitchen Tips and Tricks as to complete her work fast and be efficient. There are number of tips for cooking and storing foods. This is my second set of cooking tips and tricks.

  • Don’t waste water like liquid obtained above the curd, put it in chapathi dough, taste of chapathi comes out delicious
  • While preparing pulihora, if you put one spoon of ghee or butter then you can get free flow rice.
  • When storing Wheat flour or maida (white flour), if you pack four spoons of salt in a clean cloth and store, you can get rid of insects
  • When you don’t use hot flask then pour 1 spoon of sugar, you will get rid of bad odour
  • While preparing gulab jamoon, if you are left over with sugar juice then instead of throwing it out if you put some wheat flour and heat, you can prepare delicious halwa
  • If you are having lot of ants then put some turmeric powder or even you can use karpuram
  • When rice gets spoiled with rice insect, apply 2 spoon boric acid for every 1 kg of rice. Note: you need to wash thoroughly when consuming the rice
  • If you put fresh neem leafs below the stored container of any pulses, you can get rid of insects
  • If you want to prevent insects inside the rice, then put some neem leaves below region of the container.
  • While cooking rice, if you don’t want the rice to boil outside the vessel then apply some butter to the edges of the vessel
  • If you put some mint leaves in milk, milk doesn’t break
  • Cut beetroot into small pieces, dry and powder. This powder can be used as colour agent instead of chemicals
  • If you want to break coconut exactly in middle then put it in water and then break
  • In winter season, butter gets freezed by which the taste of ghee prepared out of it may be decreased, so to overcome this problem put some sugar in the butter vessel
  • If you want tasty rasam, the put some ladies finger or brinjal into it.
  • If you want sambar to be tasty, then put few drops of lemon juice while boiling the sambar
  • While boiling milk, if you want the surface to be filled with thick layer then put the vessel containing holes.
  • If you don’t want your dosa to stick to the pan, rub the pan with onion slice
  • If you don’t want bad odour out of your wash basin holes then put some baking soda on it and pour hot water above it
  • If you store sugar with karpuram then you can get rid of ants
  • Before slicing onions, if you put them in refrigerator before 30 minutes (packed in polythene cover)then you can overcome tears in your eyes
  • If you want to fry eggs in the vessel without adding any oil then try putting some salt in the vessel
  • If you want to store coriander seeds for long period, then fry the seeds and store it air tight container


Rambabu Uppada

I am Rambabu Uppada, founder of Indian Recipe Info. I am fond of food, I thought of sharing my cooking experience with you all. I designed each recipe in such a way that you can simply follow my steps and prepare restaurant rich recipes at your home.

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