Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta


Malai kofta is one of the classic dishes from north India. If you want to impress your family members then make this creamy and soft malai kofta recipe.






Malai KoftaCream – 125 gms.

Khoya/ Paneer – 75 gms.

Milk – 150 ml.

Sugar – 2 ½ tsp.

Nutmeg powder – ¼ tsp.

Cashewnuts – 50 gms.

Ginger (grated) – 2 tsp.

Garlic (crushed) – 1 tsp.

White pepper powder – 3 tsp.

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp.

Cloves – 6 no.

Cinnamon – 1 inch piece

Cardamoms – 6 no.

Salt to taste

Ghee – 3 tsp.




Khoya – 50 gms.

Paneer – 50 gms.

Potatoes (medium size) – 5 no.

Green chillis – 5 no.

Cummin seeds – ½ tsp.

Ginger (grated) – ½ tsp.

Cashewnuts – 20 gms.

Raisins – 20 gms.

Coriander (chopped) – 1 tsp.

Salt to taste.

Cheese/ paneer – 1 tsp. (grated)





Grated paneer – 1 tsp.

Chopped coriander – 1 tsp.



Making of koftas:


  • Boil potatoes and mash them.
  • Except raisins and cashew add all kofta ingredients and make ping pong sized dough in hands.
  • Flatten the dough and place few cashew and raisins in the centre and shape to ball.
  • Repeat with remaining dough and keep these koftas aside.



  • Roast cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom together and dry grind.
  • On other side, make a wet grind of other ingredients except ghee.
  • Heat ghee in a pan and add dry grind and stir for a second.
  • Immediately add wet grind paste and fry further 6 minutes stirring constantly.
  • Add 2 cups of water and make a gravy proportion on low flame by cooking for 15 minutes.
  • Warm koftas in oven and pour hot gravy over koftas and garnish with paneer grate and coriander leaves.
  • Malai kofta is ready. Serve hot with naan or parathas.


Nutritional facts of Malai kofta:


  • Paneer when taken moderate will help in reducing body weight.
  • It is the store house of calcium making your bones stronger.
  • Milk is an excellent source for dental health, as it protects the enamel surface against acidic substances
  • Milk contains good quantity of water molecules and is considered to be the best fluid for rehydration.
  • Cashew nuts have a fatty acid, which lower the risk of heart disease
  • Cashew nuts have a high energy density and high amount of dietary fiber
  • Potato is rich in potassium
  • It is rich in Vitamin C. Typically; 100 gms. of potato will contain about 17 mg of Vitamin C.
  • It contains about 17% starch and it is one of the best natural sources of starch


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