Melon Juice, How to Make Melon Juice Recipe, Watermelon Juice Recipe

Melon Juice
Melon Juice Recipe is one of the soft, sweet and refreshing drink during the summer season. We find it everywhere in different flavors. Watermelon Juice Recipe is one variant which is prepared by adding two kinds of fruits – watermelon and musk melon.

It is very simple to prepare this soft drink, all you need is sliced fruits and lemon and pepper powder. Although this drink gives you cooling effect to your body, many people love to add crushed ice cubes.

In India, we see drastic changes in temperature some times it too hot and some times there might be sudden rain. In some parts, we have peak temperatures too, what ever the temperature, this refreshing drink provides you instant energy with essential nutrients.

As said above Watermelon Juice Recipe is loaded with antioxidants and rich in fiber, it will not only decrease body heat but will also reduce blood pressure and aid in lowering blood cholesterol. Whether it is Navratri festival or Ramzan occasions, we do fasting and we need energy and nutrients to our body. This will aid you attaining required energy.

Many of us might have made watermelon juice or musk melon juice individually but the combination of this both fruits is really yummy in taste. If you feel this is not sweeter you can enhance its flavor by adding a little honey to this recipe along with little pepper powder.


Ingredients for Melon Juice:


Watermelon extract – 6 cups

Musk melon (chopped) – 2 cups

Lemon extract– 1 tbsp.

Pepper powder – ¼ tbsp.

Salt – As per taste

How to Make Melon Juice Recipe:


  • Mash/ blend musk melon and filter the extract (or pass through sieve)
  • Mea, while removing the seeds in watermelon and extract juice.
  • Add musk pulp to the above by adding 1 table spoon lime juice and blend further
  • Add ¼ tsp. of pepper and little salt to enhance flavor.
  • Serve by adding little ice cubes or chilled.




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