Mint Juice, How to make Mint Juice Recipe, Refreshing Pudina Sharbat

Mint JuiceMint Juice Recipe is one of the simple and refreshing juicer recipes. Pudina is also used as a medicine when it is added with lemon, it helps in improving your digestion power. Refreshing Pudina Sharbat is known for removing toxins and purify our blood.

After knowing its useful effects many people in south India are selling as a thirst quenching drink and making good profits. Although they don’t sell same as our recipe but make some modifications like they add dry ginger powder, pepper powder, rock salt etc.

I feel one should know health benefits Refreshing Pudina Sharbat before you make this recipe.

  • This green extract has amazing property to cleanse your blood and also has antiseptic properties.
  • It protects your liver by detoxifying your body.
  • Have after meals – this drink helps in digestion.
  • If one is suffering from ulcers in mouth then this drink is the best remedy as it has good amounts of vitamin C as well as vitamin B along with minerals like copper and zinc.
  • Wanna make this recipe much healthier? then you can substitute sugar with jaggery which has good amounts of iron.


Ingredients for Mint Juice Recipe:


Pudina/ Mint leaves – one bunch

Sugar – 8 tbsp.

Salt – 1 tbsp.

Tamarind pulp – As per your taste

Cumin seeds powder – 1 tbsp.

How to Make Mint Juice Recipe:


  • Wash pudina leaves well with clean water.
  • Pluck the leaves and grind into smooth paste by adding salt, tamarind pulp, sugar, and cumin seed powder.
  • You can store this paste in air tight container in the refrigerator for future use or add 4 glasses of water and dilute it.


Tip: You can add ice cube for chilling experience or directly add chilled water, it acts as a perfect summer drink recipes.

Tip: To enhance the flavor of Mint Juice Recipe you can add few drops of lemon juice and sprinkle pepper.

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