Onion Salad, How to Make Onion Salad Recipe, Onion Lacha Recipe

Onion SaladOnion salad is one of the simple recipes which can be prepared at home. It is best served with chapati and biryani recipes. If you want to enhance Onion Lacha Recipe you can add even cucumber slices.

Based on our taste and requirement we can slice tomatoes and other ingredients to small pieces or slice them to round shape. When serving few people add chat masala and pepper powder but it is optional. I tried to keep this salad recipe simple and healthy. Adding lemon juice will bring additional tangling flavor.

If you visit any North Indian Dhaba, you find Onion Lacha Recipe in almost all places. People believe that this salad keeps the digestive system in good condition and also lower cholesterol levels low.

By keeping original form of the recipe in same, you can add more or fewer vegetables to this recipe by keeping onion proportion a bit high. Also to give the different feel and look you can slice them in rings or small pieces. But if you are adding extra veggies then you need to adjust spices and salt.

Usually, this recipe tastes great when it’s fresh and goes well with Non-Veg variants especially dry recipes and also with biryani recipes.

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Ingredients for Onion Salad:

Onions – 8 no.

Lemon juice – 8 tbsp.

Salt – required

Red chili powder – required

Coriander leaves – 1 cup

Tomatoes – 2 no.

Preparation of Onion Salad:


  • Slice onions to small size (if you wish you can slice them like rings). Add salt and keep aside for 5 minutes.
  • Then wash onions and remove water
  • Now again add a little salt, red chili powder, lemon juice, tomato slices and coriander leaves and serve.
  • Onion salad goes well with chapati or biryani




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