Potato Cake Recipe, How to make Crispy Potato Cake recipe without eggs

Potato Cake RecipePotato Cake Recipe is one of the simple cake recipes made without egg. It is crispy and yummy in taste made with mashed potatoes, bread crumbs and cheese.  Learn how to make Crispy Potato Cake recipe without eggs.

My grandma is a vegetarian and during the time when there was no microwave at my house, she used to make my favorite cake recipe with potatoes. Now when I started posting this recipe It made my sweet memories recollect. Those old days were never forgettable.

I have seen this recipe being sold in some super markets in frozen mode. There are many of us who want to get recipe ready made but one should take care of chemicals used to increase its shelf life.

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 Ingredients for Potato Cake Recipe:

Potatoes – 3 large

Milk – 1/2 cup

Cheese – 1/2 cup grated

Bread crumbs – 1/2 cup

Capsicum – 1

Red chili – 1 (crushed)

Butter – 2 tsp.

Plain flour – 1 tsp.

Ground pepper – 1/4 tsp.

Salt – to taste

How to make Crispy Potato Cake recipe without eggs:


  • Boil potatoes, do not peel the skin

Tip: potatoes are best if boiled and refrigerated overnight.

  • Grate potatoes coarsely, Deseed capsicum and slice into thin rounds
  • Mix milk, flour, breadcrumbs, cheese, chilies, and salt.
  • If you feel the above mixture is thin, add some more breadcrumbs
  • Take a non-stick pan with at least 5-inch diameter and heat.
  • Apply 1 table spoon butter at the bottom and arrange potatoes.
  • Top with capsicum slices and pour the mixture evenly so that potatoes are covered.
  • Sprinkle ground pepper and salt and cook on low flame till bottom turns golden brown
  • Flip the cake recipe with the help of the sharp spatula and cook another side with remaining butter to golden brown color.

Tip: If one has the microwave then you can bake same without roasting.

  • Crispy Potato Cake Recipe Without Eggs is ready to serve.

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