ShrikhandShrikhand is one of the variety recipes from India which is served along with puries. You find this type of tradition in Maharashtra. Because of its rich golden yogurt color, children love to eat it. We find this Indian dessert during the festive season of Janmashtam, the birth of Lord Krishna.



Sugar – 300 gms.

Yogurt – 1/2 kg

Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp.

Pista & Almond (crushed) – 1/2 tsp.

Saffron – few strands

Preparation of Shrikhand


  • Squeeze water out of yogurt and tie it in a clean muslin cloth overnight (around 6-7 hours).
  • Take out the squeezed yogurt into a bowl, add sugar and mix well.
  • Keep aside for 25-30 minutes and allow sugar to dissolve.
  • Crush saffron with hand gently in 1 tablespoon milk and keep aside.
  • Beat the sugar in the yogurt so that sugar gets fully dissolved in yogurt.
  • Pass through a strong strainer which has holes, you can press with hand or spatula.
  • Mix cardamom powder and dissolved saffron and half nuts.
  • Shrikhand is ready. Serve chilled dressed with remaining half nuts



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