Sweet Corn Vada Recipe | Mokkajonna Garelu

Sweet Corn Vada RecipeSweet Corn Vada Recipe is an authentic Telangana recipe made with corn kernels. It is one of the best healthy Snack recipes for your child.

Mokkajonna Vada tastes great when they are hot. One can find crispiness from outside and soft and chewy having spicy and sweet flavor from inside.

I said this recipe can be prepared in both spicy and sweet variation. If you want to make spicy, Indian corn suits well but if you want to go with sweet you can opt sweet corn.

Andhra people believe it’s best to use desi corn as they are good for health. And they prefer spicy rather than sweet Vada. They eat it as an evening snack along with tea.

This recipe can be prepared easily as main ingredients are corn cobs and Bengal gram flour. I mentioned flour (binding ingredient) as optional because of corn, when ground, gives you the best binding option.


Corn cobs – 5 no. ( not too tender)

Bengal gram flour – ½ cup (optional)

Onions – 2 ( medium sized, chopped)

Chilly powder – 1/2 tsp.

Coriander – 1 bunch (chopped)

Salt – as per your taste

Oil to fry

Preparation of Sweet Corn Vada Recipe:

  • Remove kernels from corn cob.
  • Add required salt and chilly powder to corn and make fine paste

Note: Do not add water while making paste

  • Add chopped onions and coriander leaves to the paste
  • Make lemon sized balls with wet hands and flatten it by making a hole at the center like vada. You can even leave without a hole in the middle by simply pressing.
  • On low flame fry them until the turn golden brown.
  • Sweet Corn Vada Recipe tastes great when they are hot.

Tip: Sometimes while making deep fry oil starts foaming, to dissipate it add marble sized tamarind in the oil

Tip: Mokkajonna Garelu can be prepared in both spicy as well as sweet. If you like sweet, replace red chilly powder with jaggery or sugar.

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