Tomato Pickle Recipe | Andhra Tomato Pachadi – Instant Tomato Pickle

Tomato Pickle RecipeTomato Pickle Recipe – This mouth-watering pickle from Andhra is so tasty that it can be eaten with plain rice or chapattis. Although it is not a traditionally made pickle recipe it is simple and yummy.

There might be different ways of making this pickle but I used the instant method of preparing. In some places it’s done by the sun dried by adding salt to increase its shelf life, it’s a lengthy process.

If one wants to store this Andhra tomato pickle for a longer period of a year or more, I recommend trying sun dried process. In order to maintain pure vegetarian, I avoided ginger and garlic in this recipe, If you wish to add you can add them as per your taste and quantity of preparation.

In my other post, I have described how to make Sun Dried Tomato Pickle, it is a time taking process. If you wish to make instant tomato pickle then this is a perfect choice.

This recipe can be stored for a week or more based on the precautions you follow. In order to increase its shelf life, you can store in a glass container and store in a refrigerator.


Firm red tomatoes – 1 kg.

Sesame oil – 6 spoons

Tamarind – 2 golf ball sized lumps

Green chilies – 8-10

Fenugreek seeds – 2 tbsp.

Mustard seeds – 2 tbsp.

Cumin seeds – 2 tbsp.

Asafetida – 1/2 tbsp.

Salt – as per your taste

Preparation of Tomato Pickle Recipe:

  • In a thick bottom vessel heat 3 tsp. Sesame oil and add tomatoes.
  • Cook until they become soft, mash roughly
  • Soak tamarind balls in hot water to soften.
  • Grind tamarind and green chilies, add this to above paste
  • Heat 3 tsp. Sesame oil and add mustard seeds
  • When they start spluttering add fenugreek seeds and saute for a second.
  • Add asafoetida and remove from flame
  • Pour this hot mixture into tomato tamarind paste
  • Mix well, check and adjust seasonings
  • Once cooled store Tomato Pickle Recipe in a glass container and refrigerate

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