Vanilla Rings, How to Make Vanilla Ring Cake Recipe, Indian Vanilla Rings

Vanilla Rings
Vanilla rings recipe is a delicious dessert recipe which every child likes to eat as their evening snack. It is one of the simple cake recipes which can be prepared hassle free. I know it how it looks when you know mouth watering recipe like this is very easy to prepare.

This recipe can be prepared in your own style like you can substitute vanaspati with butter and call this recipe as butter vanilla rings. Also one can change shapes of the cookies it’s cooking time varies based on the oven you use. For an example instead of 15 minutes you may even cook within 10 minutes that too at a temperature of 180-200 degree centigrade. Why late try it immediately…

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Ingredients for Vanilla Rings:

Vanaspathi – 500 gms.

Milk – 100 ml.

Eggs – 2 no.

Lemon juice – few drops

All-purpose flour – 1 kg.

Sugar powder – 500 gms.

Vanilla essence – 10 ml.

Baking powder – 5 gms.

Butter paper

How to Make vanilla rings recipe:


  • Make a cream out of vanaspati and sugar powder.
  • Beat egg with vanilla essence. Add lemon juice and add this mixture to above cream.
  • Filter maida and baking powder.
  • Add this to above cream by adding a little milk in an interval period and make a smooth paste.
  • Make butter paper in the shape of a cone and pour the paste (1/3 part).
  • On a greased tray, pour the paste in the shape of rings.
  • Heat at 375-degree Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.
  • Vanilla ring cake recipe is ready. Decorate the rings with icing paste with your desired design and serve.




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