Badam Milk Recipe, Almond Milk Recipe

Badam Milk RecipeBadam Milk Recipe or Almond Milk Recipe is one of the famous recipes from Lucknow city. This recipe mixture is specially made with ground almonds and cardamom powder and this is usually taken as a flavored drink when mixed with milk.

This recipe can be taken in both hot and cold format. Especially during summer children love to have this drink. Many private companies have come up with this powder but with added flavours and additives. It is a good idea to prepare your own fresh and healthy Badam milk recipe.

Many of us don’t know that almonds are nutritive when soaked in water. It is a good source of food to improve your grasping powder as it is good in vitamin E and protein. Soaking can be done in two ways soak overnight which is approximately 7-8 hours or soak them for 30 minutes in hot water. But cold water is a good option which has cooling property, especially during summer.

Ingredients for Badam Milk or Almond Milk Recipe:

Almonds – 25 no. (medium size)

Milk – ½ Litre

Sugar – 2 tbsp.

Green cardamoms –  3 no.

Saffron strands – few (optional)

Water – for soaking

How to Make Badam Milk Recipe:

  • Wash and soak almonds for about 6-7 hours (overnight).
  • When you are ready to start this recipe, remove the skin with a gentle press.
  • Add sugar and green cardamoms in a grinder and rotate it for few seconds.
  • Again add almonds to the grinder and make a fine paste.

Tip1: You can grind almonds along with cardamom mixture or separately.

Tip2: Run the grinder more than a minute if you find it is coarse and if you feel bit granules.

  • If you want you can add little water or milk to get a smooth paste.
  • Boil milk in a thick bottom vessel and add sugar cardamom mixture to it.
  • Add badam paste and boil for 2-3 minutes, off the flame.
  • You can garnish Badam Milk or Almond Milk Recipe with saffron strands or finely sliced almonds and cardamom powder.

Note: If you are serving this recipe for babies less than 10 months, avoid saffron strands and filter milk so that there are no granules which irritate your child.

Tip: Always freshly made food is recommended, but if you are planning to make it in huge quantity, refrigerate immediately once Almond milk paste is done.

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