Bottle Gourd Stew, How to Make Bottle Gourd Stew, Sorakaya Pulusu

Bottle Gourd StewBottle gourd stew famously known as sorakaya pulusu in Andhra side is prepared regularly. This recipe can be considered as one of the simple and healthy recipes as it is known for its weight loss properties. It is one of the good foods for the people who are suffering from acidity and diabetes as it is light and aids in easy digestion.

Bottle Gourd is a good source of fiber and good food during summer as it’s filled with 96% of water. It also aids in urinary disorders and helps you get good sleep if you have this recipe with your dinner.

Bottle Gourd Stew goes well with steamed rice, chapati and jeera rice.

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Ingredients for Sorakaya Pulusu:

Bottle gourd – 1 piece

Onion – 1 no.

Green chili – 4 no.

Brinjal – 1 no.

Tomato – 1 no.

Tamarind – large lemon sized

Green gram – 2 tbsp.

Red chili powder – 1/2 tbsp.

Turmeric powder – 1 pinch

Curry leaves and coriander leaves – 2 tbsp.

Garlic cloves – 5 no.

Dry red chili – 2 no.

Coriander seeds and fenugreek seeds – 1 tbsp.

Jaggery – small piece

Salt – Required

How to Make Bottle Gourd Stew Recipe:


  • Slice bottle gourd, onions, green chili, brinjal and tomato.
  • On other hand soak tamarind and extract juice.
  • Add green gram to above-sliced pieces and add 1 glass water and boil
  • Once the pieces are cooked, add tamarind juice, salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder and coriander leaves. Cook well.
  • Add the small piece of jaggery.
  • In a small vessel, heat oil and add crushed garlic cloves, dry red chilies, curry leaves, coriander seeds and fenugreek seeds.
  • Add above ingredients to bottle gourd stew and cook further for 2 minutes and serve hot.



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