Chandrakala Sweet, How to Make Chandrakala Sweet, Suryakala Sweet

Chandrakala SweetChandrakala Sweet or Mava Gujiya recipe is one of the famous South Indian recipes made with khova, all purpose flour and ghee as main ingredients. Once I attended my best friend’s marriage, under desserts section I saw chandrakala and suryakala sweets. This was topped with sugar syrup like gulab jamun, when I started eating; it was so good that I couldn’t resist eating two pieces. In desserts section you may also like Mitha Khaja, Ariselu and Double Ka Meetha


Maida/ All purpose flour – 500 gms.

Raw Khova – 100 gms.

Fresh coconut grate – 100 gms.

Sugar – 1 kg.

Raisins and cashew – 50 gms.

Cardamom powder – 10 gms.

Ghee – 100 gms.

Baking powder – a pinch

Salt – required amount

Water – required

Almonds – 2-3 pieces (soaked and finely sliced)

How to Make Chandrakala Sweet:

  • Add little salt and baking powder to all purpose flour and sieve.
  • Add required ghee and water and make smooth dough. Keep aside for 15 minutes.
  • Add fresh raw khova, coconut grate, 100 grams sugar, cardamom powder, cashew and raisins.
  • Make small balls of dough and make small size puri.
  • Put one spoon of above khova mixture and make another puri of same size.
  • Put second puri above first and mould the corners of the puri so that the output will not change the shape and look like a moon.

Tip: You can make any shape but as the word Chandra in Chandrakala sweet means– Moon. It can be round or half moon (here you don’t put second layer of puri, with single layer you will mould from half portion and press edges.)

  • Heat oil and deep fry on low flame so that it cooks evenly and attains light golden brown colour.
  • Mean while on another pan make sugar syrup and dip fried Suryakala Sweet for few seconds and keep aside.
  • Serve by garnishing almond flakes once they are cooled.

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