Crispy Rice Flour Rings – Chegodilu

Crispy Rice Flour RingsChegodilu is one of the famous south Indian snack. They are crispy and golden colour. They speckled with white seasame or mong dal. Rice flour rings are one of the favorites of children and good for health.

Ingredients for Chegodilu:

Rice Flour – ½ kg

Bengal Gram Dal – ¼ kg

Turmeric Powder – small pinch

Salt – 2 tsp (required)

Green Chilly (grinded) – 1 tsp

Butter – 1 cup

Tymol seeds – little (optional)

Oil – 1 liter

Water – required

Preparation of Crispy Rice Flour Rings:


  • Add salt, Tymol seeds, butter and green chilly paste into the rice flour and mix well
  • Add hot water to the above mixture and knead the dough until smooth


Note: Let the moisture remain in the dough or else the rings get cracks after deep fry

Tip: To maintain moisture in the dough, cover the dough with a wet cloth

Tip: We can also use red chilly powder but to maintain its color to golden brown, we use green chilly paste


  • Mean while put one heavy bottomed vessel on the stove and let the oil get heated for deep fry
  • Take another wet cloth and roll the dough into a thick rope with a diameter of around 1 centimeter on the wet cloth and attach the two edges so that it looks like a ring.


Tip: Test the dough for salt before making rings


  • Put the rings into the oil and deep fry until it reaches golden brown.
  • Remember the flame should be maintained on medium heat to obtain golden brown color and crispiness or else it will absorb more oil.
  • Crispy Rice Flour Rings are ready. Store in an air tight container.


Tip: before putting the whole rings into the oil, test the heat of the oil but putting one small ball of the dough, if it reaches the surface then the oil is ready to deep fry





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