Date Rolls Recipe, How to Make Date Rolls Recipe, Date Rolls Indian

Date RollsDate Rolls Recipe is one of the fast and easy desserts. As it is wrapped with loads of healthy dry fruits. It is the best healthy desserts ever we can provide for our children. Indians believe that whenever there is the sweetest moment or any happiest moment we need to celebrate with sweet. As we all know that Date Rolls Indian sweet is best of its kind.

This can be made in different ways, one kind is to wrap with nuts and dates cooked with condensed milk. In another style, this preparation is put in a smooth dough made with all purpose flour and baked. In this case, flour is mixed with a little portion of milk and water to get the smooth dough.

Date Rolls Indian sweet is similar to samosa where we fill with potato and other ingredients and here we fill with dates and nuts. Also, in this case, we don’t deep fry them rather we bake them.

Ingredients for Date Rolls Recipe:

Dates (deseeded) – 1 kg.

Condensed Milk – 1 tin

Dry Coconut – ½ cup

Mixed dry fruits (pistachio, almonds/badam, cashew or whatever available) – 250 gms.

Ghee – 50 gms.

Butter paper sheet

How to Make Date Rolls Recipe:

  • Break/ cut dates coarsely into small pieces
  • Heat the nonstick pan on low flame and add milkmaid (condensed milk), pistachio, dates, almonds, cashew (all available dry fruits).

Note: Stir continuously and don’t let the mixture stick to the bottom.

  • Stir continuously until you get the soft lump.
  • Meanwhile, until the lump is cooled, take butter paper sheet and spread coconut powder.
  • Once it is cooled, grease your hands with ghee and take small lump into your hand and roll into your required shape.(circular or cylindrical shape)
  • Apply coconut powder to date rolls recipe and cover all over.
  • Chill them and serve.


Tip: If you want square shape then you can put the whole lump in a square shape tray covered with butter paper and chill it. When you are ready to serve, just cut them into your required shape.

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