Drinks and Squashes

Drinks and Squashes


Drinks and Squashes are generally treated as energy boosters during sports and other extra-curricular activities. Cooling centers in gym are facilitated with fresh orange, beetroot and carrot juices. They are the best resources in decreasing dehydration and as energy stimulates.

In today’s’ culture, we got adopted to consumption of carbonated, highly sweetened drinks or artificially flavoured drinks. They may provide you a feel of natural or whole fruit drink but they cannot fulfill natural and homemade drink.

Smoothies are very popular in workout places as they act as post-exercise recovery drinks. Drinks and squashes are low in fat and help to reduce weight and fat. If you consume after your meals, they act as catalysts to the enzymes produced in your digestive system. Best example is pineapple juice. Moreover they are simple and easily digested.

Squashes made with seasonal food like pumpkin, especially during winter season are a traditional diet from thousands of years. They are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.

Nature provides the fruits with sufficient sweetness necessary for our bodies. Hence, we can always enjoy the natural flavors in their best way, by just converting the essence of those fruits into liquid form. Drinks and squashes always are the best in providing our bodies with instant energy. Regular consumption of these drinks and squashes vitalizes our skin cells and improves the glow. Juices boost your immune system.

We can make small experiments  to create your own Drinks and squashes by adding milk or ice cubes and get a chilling feel during hot and sultry times. Juices are the best substitute for junk food.

Making a fresh juice is not at all a hard task. Here are some of the drinks…


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