Gulab Jamun, How to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun Recipe, Gulab Jamoon

Gulab Jamun RecipeGulab Jamun Recipe is one of the popular Indian sweets. Gulab Jamoon is prepared during all kinds of festivals and on all auspicious occasions. Gulab Jamun is so soft that it melts in the mouth by leaving its essence and make you eat one more. It can be eaten by all ages especially your children will like to eat.

This recipe can be made in many variations like by adding khoya, milkmaid, milk powder, mashed sweet potato and even by using bread. Each has its own unique flavor, our version of the recipe is made with a ready mix as it simple and can be made in no time.

Many of us face problems in making right sugar syrup, I made it thin as gulab jamuns can absorb and swell right away. One should also take care while deep frying as they should be done on medium flame.

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Gulab Jamun, How to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun Recipe, Gulab Jamoon

Gulab Jamun Recipe is one of the popular Indian sweets.
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 1 Medium Bowl
Calories 980 kcal
Author Rambabu Uppada


  • Gulab Jamun ready mix - 200 gms.
  • Water - 600 ml.
  • Milk - ¼ cup optional
  • Cardamom powder - ¼ tsp.
  • Almonds - 3 no.
  • Sugar - 250 gms
  • Oil/Ghee to deep fry


How to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun Recipe:

  1. Pour gulab jamun ready mix powder in a vessel and add little water to make a soft dough.
  2. To get a soft and pliable dough you may even add 1 tbsp. milk powder.
  3. On another hand prepare sugar syrup (mentioned in below steps)
  4. Without getting them dried, make an equal portion of dough into small balls and keep aside.
  5. Deep fry all the balls till they attain golden brown color.
  6. Drain excess oil and immediately transfer to the sugar syrup.
  7. Let them soak for 30 minutes and then serve Gulab Jamun Recipe cold/hot.

Sugar Syrup for gulab jamun:

  1. In a pan, boil water and sugar to get single thread consistency when dropped from a spatula.
  2. Sprinkle cardamom powder to enhance aroma and flavor.

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How to Make Perfect Gulab Jamun Recipe:

  • Take branded gulab jamun ready mix powder in a wide vessel.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (2)

  • Add required amount of water to make it soft and hard dough.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (3)

Tip: If in case dough becomes lose then you can add little milk powder to make it hard.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (4)

  • Make small balls of equal size and keep aside. (they should be fried immediately)

Gulab Jamun Recipe (5)

Note: Make sure that there are no cracks on balls as when deep fried they may split. Also, these balls should be fried immediately as once dried you may see cracks in them.

  • Meanwhile, make the sugar syrup and keep it ready. (explained in below steps)
  • Heat the oil/ ghee and drop all balls one by one.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (7)

  • Once gulab jamun turns color, flip them to other side and deep fry them until golden brown.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (8)

  • Remove from oil and transfer to another bowl.
  • Pour sugar syrup over jamoons soak for 10-30 minutes.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (11)

Note: You can also drop gulab jamun into sugar syrup directly from oil.

Sugar Syrup for gulab jamun:


  • Take the sugar in a heavy pan and add 500ml of water.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (6)

Tip: Add a tbsp. of milk to separate the dirt. Strain and boil again.

  • Checking syrup is very easy while dropping from a spoon it falls in a thin single thread.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (9)

Tip: If you are confused about the thickness of syrup never mind. If you see that the syrup is thick, and jamoons are not swelling then sprinkle few drops of water over jamoons. They absorb water and swells.

  • Cardamom powder should be added at the end of the syrup so that its flavor and essence is not lost.

Gulab Jamun Recipe (10)

  • Gulab Jamun Recipe is ready, garnish with almond slices.

Tip: This recipe can be consumed hot or chilled, it tastes great in both forms.

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