Pesarattu Recipe | Moon Dal Dosa | Andhra Pesarattu Dosa Recipe

Pesarattu RecipePesarattu Recipe or Moong Dal Dosa is one of the famous breakfast recipes from Andhra Cuisine. This recipe can be prepared instantly by just soaking moong dal for an hour and grinding. It needs no fermentation, you can directly use batter.

Andhra Pesarattu is not only gluten free but it is protein and nutrition packed healthy breakfast recipe. Making thin and crispy dosa from moong dal is not that simple but one can make it if you can follow tips and notes given below.

There are many variations while making moong dal dosa, Usually, Andhra people like to have this recipe topped with finely sliced green chilies and onions. You can make green chili paste along with batter and top with finely chopped onions and carrot grate.

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Pesarattu Recipe | Moong Dal Dosa | Andhra Pesarattu Dosa Recipe

Pesarattu Recipe or Moong Dal Dosa is one of the famous Protein packed breakfast recipes from Andhra Pradesh. Learn how to make this recipe crisp and delicious with our detailed instructions.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine South Indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Soaking dal 1 hour
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 8 Pesarattu
Calories 300 kcal
Author Rambabu Uppada


  • Pesarapappu / Moong Dal – 2 cups.
  • Onions – 1 bowl finely chopped
  • Green chilies – 6-7 no’s.
  • Ginger – 1-inch piece sliced
  • Cumin seeds/ jeera – 1 tbsp.
  • Salt – ½ tbsp.
  • Oil – required.
  • Water – 2 glasses to clean


  1. Soak moong dal for an hour with ample water so that dal can absorb water and swell.
  2. Finely slice onions and green chilies, keep aside.
  3. When moong dal is soaked, remove water and keep aside.
  4. Add green chiles, salt, cumin seeds and ginger pieces to the blender and blend to fine paste.
  5. Add moong dal to above blend and make a fine paste, keep aside.

Tip: If needed add little water to make the consistency of batter loose so that it becomes easy to pour and make crispy moong dal dos.

  1. Heat pan and add few drops of oil over the pan, Even if you are using a non-stick pan.
  2. Now using sliced onion spread oil over the pan so that dosa comes out in good.
  3. Once pan reaches optimum heat, add batter and spread using a spatula.
  4. While dosa is sticky, sprinkle onion and green chiles. (even grated carrot if you have any)
  5. Sprinkle oil evenly so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom and gets fried to golden brown.
  6. Now without cooking on another side, fold to your required shape and serve hot.

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Recipe Notes

  • If you are using old moong dal then you need not add rice flour/ or rice grains while soaking dal but if you are using farm fresh moong dal grains then you may need to add 2 tbsp. rice flour.
  • Always use the fresh batter to make crispy and golden brown color Pesarattu recipe. If you are using refrigerated or stored batter you may lead to thick or black dosas, sometimes it may stick to the pan.

How to make Pesarattu or Moong Dal Dosa:

  • Soak moong dal for an hour and clean dal, keep aside.

Pesarattu Recipe (1)

  • Meanwhile, slice onions finely to top over dosa.
  • Add green chilies, ginger pieces, and cumin seeds into the mixer jar and blend them.

Pesarattu Recipe (2)

  • In the same jar, add soaked moong dal and blend to fine paste.

Pesarattu Recipe (3)

  • Add salt and blend again for a second, once done pour batter into another vessel.

Pesarattu Recipe (4)

  • Put few drops of oil on a non-stick pan and coat it evenly with the help of sliced onion.

Pesarattu Recipe (5)

  • Heat pan till it reaches optimum heat, as overheating may burn moong dal dosa.

Pesarattu Recipe (6)

  • Usually, moong dal consistency is loose, if you feel the batter is thick you may add little water and dilute it.

Note: Batter consistency must be a bit thicker than dosa.

  • Put two spatulas of batter over pan and move spatula in a circular manner so that batter sticks the pan as a layer.

Pesarattu Recipe (7)

  • Sprinkle onions over dosa before it turns crisp.

Pesarattu Recipe (8)

  • Sprinkle oil over pesarattu so that recipe comes out crispy.

Pesarattu Recipe (9)

Tip: Oil gives flavor to this recipe apart from giving crispy flavor, so add as required.

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