Ridge Gourd Salad, How to Make Ridge Gourd Salad, Healthy Salads

Ridge Gourd SaladRidge gourd salad is one of the best raw diet recipes, people who are serious about losing their weight and maintain their sugar levels constant should try this Vegetable Salad, eating raw vegetables is always considered as a best practice. Doctors and dietitians always prescribe their patients to have at least one kind of Healthy Salads during a day.

You may feel it’s very simple and wants to add few more ingredients, in that scenario I recommend trying with cherry tomatoes and seedless green grapes. Sometimes you can also add deep oil fried peanuts and pomegranate seeds instead of grapes. I have mentioned peanuts because they give crunchy sensation.

I found this recipe when I was on a tour with my family to North India, When I ordered thali for my family, they included this salad and I found to see pomegranate seeds along with coconut grate. Then I decided to post this recipe after reading other variations, in our post I have mentioned how to make basic ridge gourd salad also gave you other examples not to upset you all.



Fresh ridge gourd – 4 no.

Pepper powder – required

Salt – required

Lemon Juice – required

How to Make Ridge Gourd Salad Recipe:


  • Clean the veggie with clean water by gently rubbing the skin.
  • Choose fresh (small in size) ridge gourd and peel the outer skin.
  • Cut them into thin circular pieces or rectangular shape.


Tip: Check the taste of the vegetable some of them may be sour and spoil ridge gourd salad recipe.

Tip: Don't throw away its skin, as we can make one more recipe out of the skin. As the skin of the gourd is rich in fibre and has good nutrients we can make ridge gourd chutney.


  • Now arrange these cut pieces on a plate and sprinkle pepper powder, salt and lemon juice and serve.

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