Semiya Halwa, How to Make Semiya Halwa, Vermicelli Halwa Recipe

Semiya HalwaSemiya Halwa is one of the simple and quick to prepare recipe. The aroma and texture of semiya halwa recipe make you go crazy. Indians like to prepare this dessert even on small events. Apart from its delicious taste, it is considered as healthy recipes.

In order to get the additional flavor to the recipe, I like to fry vermicelli in ghee till its golden brown. Also, I add remaining ghee in the recipe to satisfy my taste buds. If you are allergic to ghee you can substitute it with oil.

People believe semiya is made with hard wheat and has many nutritional values so they don’t like to drain water after boiling. So they stir fry semolina using ghee and use little water and boil them and later period add sugar and make it sweeter. Generally proportion of vermicelli : water is  4:1 ratio.

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Ingredients for Semiya Halwa:

Vermicelli – 100 gms.

Coconut grate – 1 cup

Sugar – 100 gms.

Saffron – a pinch

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp.

Cashew and raisin – required

Ghee – 100 gms.

How to Make Semiya Halwa Recipe:


  • Fry coconut grate and cashew with little ghee and keep aside.
  • Boil water and add vermicelli. When they turn tender, drain water and keep aside.

Note: Time taken to Boil vermicelli depends on the brand and variety. If they are thick, it may take some time but if its a thinner variant then you have to take care. As over-boiling may ruin the recipe.

Tip: Boil vermicelli to semi cooked as they are boiled further in sugar syrup.

  • Add required water to sugar and make sugar syrup (light consistency)
  • Add vermicelli, coconut grate, raisins and cashews.
  • Stir slowly so that vermicelli doesn’t break.
  • Once it is done, apply little ghee to the serving plate and transfer Semiya Halwa into it.
  • You can cut it into your desired shape and serve.




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