Vegetable Salad

Vegetable Salad Vegetable Salad is always given high priority in out diet as they can fulfill our body nutritional values. We find many vegetables in market. It’s recommended to have raw vegetables every day. Vegetable salad can be made with hassle free as you can add what ever vegetable you have in your kitchen.


Carrot – 2 no.

Beet root – 2 no.

Radish – 2 no.

Cucumber – 2 no.

Onion – 4 no.

Tomato – 2 no.

Lemon – 4 no.

Coconut powder – 2 cups

Green chilly – 7 no.

Ginger – small piece

Coriander leaves – small bunch

Pepper – As per taste(small amount)

Salt – As pre taste (small amount)

Preparation of Vegetable Salad:


  • First wash beetroot, radish, cucumber, carrot and remove the outer layer of these vegetables
  • Cut the above vegetables into small pieces
  • Cut ginger, green chilly, Coriander leaves, onions and tomatoes into fine pieces
  • Take one hollow bowl and mix tomato, onions, cucumber, coconut powder, ginger and green chilly and apply required amount of salt
  • Later apply lemon juice and sprinkle pepper powder and coriander leaves above the mixture and serve.


Tip 1:   While serving you can decorate Tomatoes cut into rounds

Tip 2:You can also use carrot or beetroot or cucumber cut into vertically for decoration

Tip 3:You can use your liked vegetables in preparing vegetable salad

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