Vegetarian food when compared to any other kinds of in-take, considers three aspects as most important:


  • Ethical or environmental concerns
  • Religious reasons
  • And on cultural grounds.


All the food items displayed here, assure you all these. In-addition to satisfying your insatiable appetites for a delightful taste. To prepare a fine recipe, in any cuisine style, one has to be an adept connoisseur.
In a country such as India, where different types of cultures and traditions exist, the cuisines and the appetites of food are also different from each other. Nevertheless, it is the taste and the satisfaction that all matters, irrespective of the appetite and cuisine differences.

  • Fast food, an easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes.
  • Natural food, those that do not contain manufactured food stuff.
  • Organic food, those produced without using modern synthetic inputs.
  • Slow food, an anti-fast-food.
  • Whole food, all human diet, though mostly termed for food that do not contain added ingredients.


Of all the above, Natural, Organic and Slow food are mostly vegetarian in nature, while the others do contain such food items along-with the non-veg food dishes.


As said earlier, this kind of food is considered the best food for those who want to maintain a proper diet and for those who are concerned for health issues. For all such people, the menu has the best items prepared with utmost care for an effective outcome and a tasty experience.


Here are some of our Vegetarian recipes:


Chamagadda Pulusu Recipe

Chamagadda Pulusu Recipe, Chamadumpa Arbi Gravy, Taro Root Gravy

Chamagadda Pulusu, Arbi or Taro Root Gravy recipe is one of the famous Andhra Recipes. Usually, this recipe is made ...
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Bottle Gourd Chutney Sorakaya Pachadi

Sorakaya Pachadi Recipe, Bottle Gourd Chutney Recipe, Lauki Ki Chutney

Sorakaya Pachadi or Bottle Gourd Chutney Recipe is one of the South Indian Recipes which tastes best when accompanied with ...
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Gongura pappu

Gongura Pappu Recipe | Andhra Style Gongura Dal

Gongura Pappu Recipe or Ambadi Baji dal is one of the famous South Indian Andhra Dal recipes. Instead of making ...
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Gongura Pulusu

Gongura Pulusu | Gongura Pappu Pulusu Andhra Recipe

Gongura Pulusu is one of the famous recipes from Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. When it comes to sorrel leaves, we ...
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Dondakaya fry

Dondakaya Fry | Tindora Fry | Ivy Gourd Fry

Dondakaya fry or Tindora fry is one of the delicious recipes served along with chapatti in North India and with ...
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Bendakaya Fry

Bendakaya Fry Recipe | Andhra Bendakaya Vepudu | Bhindi Fry

Bendakaya Fry Recipe or Andhra Bendakaya Vepudu is one of the simple recipes from South Indian menu. With fewer spices, ...
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Aloo Batani Curry

Aloo Batani Curry, Potato Peas Kurma, How to make Aloo Batanai Curry Recipe

Aloo Batani Curry or Potato Peas Kurma is one of the simple South Indian Recipes. Learn how to make Aloo ...
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Gongura pachadi

Andhra Gongura Pachadi, Andhra Style Gongura Pickle

Andhra Gongura Pachadi or Andhra Style Gongura Pickle is one of the famous recipes from Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh ...
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Onion Fried Rice Recipe

Onion Fried Rice, Spicy Onion Rice, How to Make Onion Fried Rice Recipe

Onion Fried Rice or Spicy Onion Rice is one of the simple yet delicious recipes which can be made with ...
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Brinjal Peas Curry

Brinjal Peas Curry, Vankaya Batani Kura, How to Make Brinjal Peas Curry

Brinjal Peas Curry or Vankaya Batani Kura is one of the famous south Indian recipes made during marriages and other functions. Based ...
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Chole Paneer Recipe

Chole Paneer Recipe, Punjabi Style Paneer Chana Masala Recipe

Chole Paneer Recipe is one of the North Indian recipes. Instead of cottage cheese, I have used tofu cheese for ...
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Vegetable Croquettes Recipe

Vegetable Croquettes Recipe | Veg Croquettes | How to Make Vegetable Croquettes

Vegetable Croquettes Recipe is one of the healthy snack recipe having a crispy outer layer with soft from inner. This ...
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Vegetable Pulav Recipe

Vegetable Pulao Recipe | Veg Pulao Microwave | How to Make Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao Recipe is one of the most common rice recipes made in Indian houses whenever there is a special ...
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Lemon Rice Recipe

Lemon Rice Recipe | Lemon Pulihora Microwave

Lemon Rice Recipe is one of the simple south Indian style microwave recipes. It is one of the colorful recipes ...
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french fries recipe

French Fries Recipe | Homemade French Fries | How to Make French Fries Recipe

French Fries Recipe is one of the delicious mouth licking potato recipes. It’s crisp, soft delicious and is usually served ...
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Karachi Biscuits Recipe

Karachi Biscuits Recipe – Eggless Tutti Frutti Cookies

Karachi Biscuits Recipe is one of the popular Hyderabadi eggless tutti frutti cookies. It’s a soft, mild and crunchy with ...
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Veg pizza recipe Vegetarian pizza

Veg Pizza Recipe | Vegetarian Pizza | How to Make Veg Pizza Recipe

Veg pizza recipe is one of the popular evening foods of corporate culture. It is basically made with maida (all ...
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Khara Pongal recipe

Khara Pongal – Ven Pongal Recipe | How to Make Khara Pongal

Khara Pongal is one of the healthy protein packed food recipes which is light on the stomach. It is also ...
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Kesari Kheer Recipe

Kesari Kheer Recipe | How to make Kesari Kheer Recipe in Microwave

Kesari Kheer Recipe is one of the creamy Indian rice pudding recipe made in a microwave oven. We usually garnish ...
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Pizza Sauce Recipe

Pizza Sauce Recipe – Basic Tomato Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce Recipe is one of the main and major factors behind the flavor of pizza making. It's spicy, sweet ...
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Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet | Veg cutlet | How to Make Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet – It is one of the simple and healthy evening snacks which can be made with leftover vegetables ...
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tomato ketchup recipe

Tomato Ketchup Recipe | Homemade Tomato Sauce

Tomato Ketchup Recipe with creamy, thick, sweet and tangling flavor raises your mood to eat more when accompanied with snacks ...
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Brinjal Chutney Vankaya Pachadi

Brinjal Chutney | Vankaya Pachadi | Kathirikai Chutney

Brinjal Chutney is one of the famous recipes from Andhra Cuisine. It can be taken with steamed rice or even ...
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Tomato Pickle Recipe

Tomato Pickle Recipe | Andhra Tomato Pachadi – Instant Tomato Pickle

Tomato Pickle Recipe - This mouth-watering pickle from Andhra is so tasty that it can be eaten with plain rice or ...
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Sun Dried Tomato Pickle

Sun Dried Tomato Pickle | Endu Tomato Pachadi – Andhra Tomato Pickle

Sun Dried Tomato Pickle is one of the traditional Andhra pachadi. It is red spicy and tangling recipe. One should ...
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Sweet Corn Vada Recipe

Sweet Corn Vada Recipe | Mokkajonna Garelu

Sweet Corn Vada Recipe is an authentic Telangana recipe made with corn kernels. It is one of the best healthy ...
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brinjal gothsu recipe

Brinjal Gothsu Recipe, Kathirikai Gothsu, How to Make Brinjal Gothsu

Brinjal Gothsu Recipe is one of South India’s famous breakfast side dish. If you are looking to substitute chutney recipe ...
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peri peri sauce recipe

Peri Peri Sauce Recipe – Home Made Piri Piri Sauce

Peri Peri Sauce Recipe is the home of Portuguese cuisine. It gives you a hot and fiery sensation when used ...
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Grilled Mushrooms

Grilled Mushrooms, Coal roasted mushrooms, Mushroom Tikka Recipe

Grilled Mushrooms or Coal roasted mushrooms are juicier and tasty vegetable recipe. It is not that simple to cook mushrooms ...
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Sweet Vada Bellam Garelu Recipe

Sweet Vada, Bellam Garelu, Jaggery Vada, Sweet Medu Vada Recipe

Sweet Vada or Bellam Garelu is a healthy Andhra dessert prepared during festive seasons. It has very fewer ingredients whole ...
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Potato Bonda Recipe

Potato Bonda Recipe, How to make Aloo Bonda, Batata Vada, Aloo Bonda

Potato Bonda Recipe or Aloo Bonda made with mashed potato is one of the famous street foods in Mumbai. It is ...
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Bitter gourd Pitlai Recipe

Bitter Gourd Pitlai, Pavakkai Pitlai Recipe, Pakarkaai Pitlai, Kathirikai Pitlai

Bitter Gourd Pitlai Recipe is one of the famous Tamil recipes from South India. It can be considered as one ...
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Sindhi Kadhi Microwave, How to Make Sindhi Kadhi Recipe, Kadi Recipes

Sindhi Kadhi Microwave is one of the traditional nutritional recipes usually done using rice flour or gram flour and the ...
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Lasooni Dal Tadka Microwave

Lasooni Dal Tadka Microwave, Moong Dal Lasooni, Lasuni Dal Tadka

Lasooni Dal Tadka Microwave is a protein-packed recipe it provides the key supplement of proteins and nutrients. I used Moong ...
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Khichdi in Microwave

Khichdi Microwave, Moong Dal Khichdi, Andhra Pesarapappu Khichdi

Khichdi Microwave is one of the simple forms of rice recipes. I didn’t use garlic and onions, so it best ...
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Lemon Rice Microwave

Lemon Rice Microwave, How to Make Lemon Rice Recipe, Lemon Pulihora

Lemon Rice Microwave is one of the basic and simple recipes made from steamed rice. This is one of the ...
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Gujarati kadhi Microwave

Gujarati Kadhi Microwave Recipe | Sweet and Sour Gujarati Kadhi Recipe

Gujarati Kadhi Microwave Recipe is one of the best recipes from Gujarati cuisine. Every part of India has its own ...
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Vegetable Kurma

Vegetable Kurma Microwave, How to Make Vegetable Kurma in Microwave

Vegetable Kurma Microwave is one of the authentic recipes found in every restaurant. It is a blend of vegetables and ...
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Methi Mutter Malai

Methi Mutter Malai Microwave, Punjabi Style Methi Mutter Malai Recipe

Methi Mutter Malai Microwave is one of the North-Indian, Punjabi dish. It is one of the winter recipes with smooth ...
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Aloo Jeera Microwave

Aloo Jeera Recipe Microwave, Potatoes Cumin Seeds Recipe, Jeera Aloo

Aloo Jeera Microwave is one of the simple recipes where you need bare minimum ingredients. Potatoes and Cumin seeds are ...
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Paneer Makhani Microwave Recipe, How to Make Paneer Makhani Recipe

Paneer Makhani Recipe Microwave is one of the simple recipes made in home style. Its main ingredient for making gravy ...
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Palak Paneer Microwave

Palak Paneer Recipe Microwave | How to Make Palak Paneer Recipe

Palak Paneer Recipe in Microwave can be treated as one of the nutritional and Healthy recipes. Microwave recipes are said ...
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Miloni Tarkari

Miloni Tarkari Microwave, How to Make Miloni Tarkari Recipe, Miloni Sabzi

Miloni Tarkari or Miloni Sabzi is yet another mixed vegetable microwave cooked recipe. Unlike other recipes which focus on single ...
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Mushroom Biryani Recipe

Mushroom Biryani Recipe, Puttagodugula Biryani, Easy Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom Biryani Recipe is one of the authentic nutritional recipes. Unlike other recipes preparing Mushroom Biryani is not that easy ...
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Vangi Bath Recipe

Vangi Bath Recipe, How to Make Vangi Bath Recipe, Brinjal Rice Recipe

Vangi Bath Recipe is one of the South Indian recipes commonly prepared in Brahmin community. A special blend of spices is ...
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Fenugreek Leaves Stew

Fenugreek Leaves Stew, How to Make Fenugreek Leaves Stew, Methi Rasam Recipe

Fenugreek Leaves Stew is considered as one of the healthy recipes. It aids in digestion as its rich in fiber ...
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Vegetable Idli Upma Recipe

Vegetable Idli Upma Recipe, How to Make Vegetable Idli Upma, Idli Upma

Vegetable Idli Upma Recipe is one of the breakfast recipes made from leftover idli's. In South India this recipe is ...
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Masala Idli Upma

Masala Idli Recipe, How to Make Masala Idli, Spicy Masala Idli snack

Masala Idli Recipe is one of the spicy Indian evening snacks which are prepared from leftover idli and ground Indian ...
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Tur Dal Kofta Curry

Tur Dal Kofta Curry, How to Make Tur Dal Kofta Curry, Chana Dal Kofta Curry

Tur Dal Kofta Curry is one of the delicious recipes which can be served as a side dish with plain ...
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Ragi Dosa Recipe

Ragi Dosa Recipe, How to Make Finger Millet Dosa, How to Make Ragi Dosa

Ragi Dosa Recipe is made unlike other dosa recipes, its main ingredients are ragi or finger millet flour and urad ...
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Ragi idli recipe

Ragi Idli Recipe, How to Make Ragi Idli recipe, Ragi Flour Breakfast Recipe

Ragi Idli Recipe is one of the healthy recipes made with ragi flour, urad dal and rice as main ingredients ...
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Idli Recipe

Idli Recipe, How to Make Idli Recipe, How to Make Soft Idli Recipe

Idli Recipe is one of the simple breakfast recipes which can be made in minutes. Making soft and spongy idli ...
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Sambar Powder Recipe

Sambar Powder Recipe, How to Make Sambar Powder, Sambar Powder

Sambar Powder Recipe is a collection of different Indian spices which are roasted on low flame and ground. It is ...
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Potato Rice Recipe

Potato Rice Recipe, How to Make Potato Rice recipe, Potato Capsicum Rice

Potato Rice Recipe is one of the simple recipes which can be prepared in less time. It is one of ...
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Malai Palak Recipe, How to Make Makai Palak Recipe, Corn Palak Recipe

Malai Palak Recipe is one of the creamy vegetarian Indian recipes made with spinach and sweet corn in a microwave ...
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Chapati Recipe

Chapati Recipe, Roti Recipe, How to Make Soft Three Layer Chapati

Chapati recipe or roti recipe is one of the staple recipes from North India. If you are diet conscious, it ...
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Pineapple Gojju, How to Make Pineapple Gojju, Karnataka Pineapple Curry

Pineapple Gojju is one of the famous pineapple recipes from Karnataka. It is treated as a special recipe especially in ...
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Palak Paneer Recipe

Palak Paneer Recipe, How to Make Palak Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style

Palak Paneer Recipe is one of the famous recipes for paneer variation. It is prepared using soft paneer or cottage ...
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Senagapappu Kobbari Curry

Senagapappu Kobbari Curry | Chana dal and Coconut Curry

Senagapappu Kobbari Curry is prepared from Bengal gram and fresh coconut grate. As we all know Bengal gram is fully ...
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Mudda pappu

Mudda Pappu Recipe | Andhra Mudda Pappu

Mudda Pappu Recipe is one of the South Indian Andhra Recipe usually made with Tur dal (kandhi pappu in Telugu) ...
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Mix Veg Curry

Mix Veg Curry | Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe

Mix Veg Curry is one of the simple ways to keep yourself healthy. Instead of getting few nutrients from one ...
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Tomato Gravy Recipe

Tomato Gravy Recipe, How to Make Tomato Gravy, Andhra Tomato Curry

Tomato Gravy Recipe is one of the traditional Indian recipes which can be used directly with snacks or roti. It ...
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Aloo Kurma

Aloo Kurma | How to make Aloo Korma Recipe | Potato Kurma Recipe

Aloo Kurma or Potato Kurma Recipe is an excellent substitute for regular chutneys. Many of us are fond of recipes made of ...
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Tandoori Aloo

Tandoori Aloo | How to make Tandoori Aloo in Restaurant Style | Aloo Tikka

Tandoori Aloo or Tandoori Tikka is one of the spicy mouth tangling recipes made with baby potatoes marinated in yogurt, red ...
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Kothimbir Vadi

Kothimbir Vadi Recipe, How to Make Kothimbir Vadi, Coriander Leaf Vada

Kothimbir Vadi Recipe is one of the Maharashtrians recipes made with the blend of coriander leaves, flour and traditional spices ...
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Malai Kofta Curry

Malai Kofta Curry Microwave | How To make Malai Kofta Curry in Restaurant Style

Malai Kofta Curry is one of the popular vegetarian dish found in most of the Indian restaurants. It is usually ...
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White Gravy Recipe

White Gravy Recipe, How to Make White Gravy, Homemade White Gravy

White Gravy Recipe is a kind of gravy stock made in restaurant kitchens. Learn how to make White Gravy - ...
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Potato Cake Recipe

Potato Cake Recipe, How to make Crispy Potato Cake recipe without eggs

Potato Cake Recipe is one of the simple cake recipes made without egg. It is crispy and yummy in taste ...
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Cabbage Kofta Recipe

Cabbage Kofta Recipe, How to make Cabbage Kofta, Cabbage Dumpling

Cabbage Kofta Recipe is a fried dumpling made with shredded cabbage and spicy ingredients. We can make this fried dumpling ...
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French Bean Foogath

French Bean Foogath Microwave | How to Make French Bean Foogath

French Bean Foogath is a typical vegetarian recipe with fewer spices. It is mild sweet in taste because of its ...
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Dahiwale Aloo

Dahiwale Aloo Microwave Recipe, How to Make Dahiwale Aloo Recipe

Dahiwale Aloo is one of the simple vegetarian recipes made with potatoes and creamy yogurt sauce as main ingredients. It ...
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Brown Gravy Indian

Brown Gravy Indian, Basic Indian Curry Gravy, How to Make Brown Gravy

Brown Gravy Indian style is one of the homemade ready made curry recipes which can be used to make a ...
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Aloo Bhaji

Aloo Bhaji Recipe, Aloo Bhaji Microwave, How to Make Aloo Bhaji Recipe

Aloo Bhaji recipe is one of the simple and easy dry vegetable recipes which can be prepared at less time ...
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Achari Baingan

Achari Baingan Microwave | How to Make Achari Baingan Recipe

Achari Baingan is made in Punjabi style, although we use the word “achari“ it's not achar (pickle) we use some ...
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Beetroot Paratha

Beetroot Parathas, How to Make Beetroot Parathas, Beetroot Stuffed Roti

Beetroot Parathas are one of the eye appealing healthy nutritious breakfast recipe for your child. By indulging your child in ...
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Badshahi baingan recipe

Badshahi Baingan Recipe, How to Make Badshahi Baingan, Brinjal Curry

Badshahi Baingan Recipe is one of the typical Indian curries made with fried brinjals and special Indian spices. It is ...
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Aratikaya Masala Pulusu

Aratikaya Masala Pulusu Recipe | Spicy Raw Banana Curry Recipe

Aratikaya Masala Pulusu is one of the south Indian spicy vegetable curries made from raw banana and tamarind pulp. It ...
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Aloo Gobhi Methi Ka Tuk

Aloo Gobhi Methi Ka Tuk | How to Make Aloo Gobhi Methi Ka Tuk Recipe

Aloo Gobhi Methi Ka Tuk recipe is one of the simple yet delicious recipes. If you are planning to make ...
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upma microwave

Upma Recipe, How to Make Upma Recipe, Easy Microwave Upma Recipe

Upma Recipe is one of the quick south Indian breakfast recipes which can be prepared in no time. Today I ...
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Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka | How to Make Paneer Tikka Recipe In Microwave Oven

Paneer tikka recipe is one of the best starters among vegetarian section. This is done by marinating and applying special ...
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Bharwan Aloo

Bharwan Aloo | How to Make Bharwan Aloo | Spicy Potato Microwave Recipe

Bharwan Aloo – Indian stuffed potato and paneer recipe made in a microwave oven in short time. It is one ...
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Green Gravy

Green Gravy, How to Make Green Gravy Recipe, Hariyali Sabji Recipe

Green Gravy is a typical Indian sauce recipe made with spinach and grated bottle gourd. It can be used as add-on ...
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Bhindi Masala

Bhindi Masala, How to make Bhindi Masala Recipe, Dry Spicy Okra Curry

Bhindi Masala Recipe is one of the simple and popular spicy curry recipes. Dry Spicy Okra Curry is made in Indian ...
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Vegetarian Omelette

Vegetarian Omelette | How to make Vegetarian Omelette Without Eggs

Vegetarian omelette is one of the easy to make recipes made with gram flour. It can be prepared within 15 ...
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Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada, How to Make Sabudana Vada Recipe, Crispy Sago Vada

Sabudana Vada is one of the healthy snack made with sago, it is one of the traditional snack recipe made ...
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Chikkudukaya Tomato Kura

Chikkudukaya Tomato Kura, How to Make Chikkudukaya Tomato Curry

Chikkudukaya Tomato Kura is one of the delicious recipes from Andhra, it tastes great when accompanied with rice. Indian broad ...
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Raddish Stew

Radish Stew, How to Make Radish Stew, Mullangi Pulusu, Mullangi sambar

Radish Stew Recipe is one of the nutritional recipes. Our preparation tastes best when consumed with rice. If you are consuming ...
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Cauliflower Curry Andhra Style

Cauliflower Curry Andhra Style, How to make cauliflower curry Andhra style

Cauliflower Curry Andhra style is one of the simple and aromatic curry recipes made in South India. I tried to ...
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Bottle Gourd Stew

Bottle Gourd Stew, How to Make Bottle Gourd Stew, Sorakaya Pulusu

Bottle gourd stew famously known as sorakaya pulusu in Andhra side is prepared regularly. This recipe can be considered as ...
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Tomato Rasam

Tomato Rasam Recipe, Andhra Tomato Rasam, How to Make Tomato Rasam

Tomato Rasam Recipe or Andhra Tomato Rasam is one of the integral recipes in south India. It can be prepared within ...
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Egg Vindaloo

Egg Vindaloo Recipe, How to Make Egg Vindaloo, Indian Egg Curry recipe

Egg Vindaloo is one of the north Indian recipes, it is made from hard-boiled eggs. Boiled eggs are sliced to ...
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Chick Pea Curry

Chick Pea Curry | How to Make Chick Pea Curry | Chole Masala Recipe

Chick pea curry is one of the simple and delicious recipes. Chole masala is one of the famous North Indian ...
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Pani Puri

Pani Puri Recipe | Golgappa | Puchkas | How to Make Pani Puri Recipe

Pani Puri Recipe is one of the famous mouth-watering snacks. In north India, this recipe is called as golgappas, they ...
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Ariselu Recipe, How to Make Ariselu Recipe, Kajjaya Recipe, Athirasam

Ariselu Recipe or Kajjaya Recipe or Athirasam is one of the famous sweet recipes of south India, they are prepared during ...
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Shankarpali Recipe

Shankarpali Recipe, How to Make Shankarpali Recipe, Sweet Shankarpali

Shankarpali recipe is one of the Diwali sweets. They are crispy and sweet dessert which melts in the mouth giving ...
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Ravva Kesari

Ravva Kesari, How to Make Rava Kesari Recipe, Suji Ka Halwa Recipe

Ravva Kesari or Rava Kesari is one of the simple and delicious desserts which can be made in minutes. Texture and aroma ...
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Green Gram Salad

Green Gram Salad, How to Make Green Gram Salad, Moong Sprout Salad

Green gram salad is one of the simple starter recipes which is enriched with protein and vitamins. It's not only ...
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Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta, How to Make Malai Kofta Recipe, Malai Kofta Curry Recipe

Malai kofta is one of the classic dishes from north India. If you want to impress your family members then ...
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Ullundu Vadai Recipe

Ulundu Vadai, How to Make Ulundu Vadai Recipe, Medhu Vadai Recipe

Ulundu Vadai Recipe is one of the famous South Indian breakfast recipes. Ulundu vada is a smooth and crispy snack, it ...
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Cheese Soup

Cheese Soup, Cheese Soup Recipes, How To Make Cheese Soup Recipe

Cheese Soup Recipe is one of the healthy thick soup recipes. The main ingredients are butter, cheese and milk all ...
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Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies Recipe, How To Make Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Chocolate Brownies Recipe is always the kid’s favorite dessert. Make your own homemade healthy desserts with our hassle-free steps. Based on ...
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Mango Cashew Curry

Mango Cashew Curry, How to Make Mango Cashew Curry, Mamidikaya Kura

Mango cashew curry is a sweet, tangling and spicy delicious Andhra style recipe topped with cashew. It is one of the ...
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Onion Salad

Onion Salad, How to Make Onion Salad Recipe, Onion Lacha Recipe

Onion salad is one of the simple recipes which can be prepared at home. It is best served with chapati ...
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Bitter Gourd Fry

Bitter Gourd Fry, How to Make Bitter Gourd Fry Recipe, Kakarakaya Fry

Bitter gourd fry is a spicy and healthy vegetarian recipe. This recipe is made in Andhra style - kakarakaya fry ...
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Vermicelli Soup

Vermicelli Soup, How to Make Vermicelli Soup Recipe, Semiya Soup

Vermicelli Soup Recipe is a different Andhra style dish having tangling taste of yogurt and a crispy touch of bread ...
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Sarson Ka Saag

Sarson Ka Saag, How to Make Sarson Ka Saag Recipe, Spinach Recipes

Sarson Ka Saag is one of the traditional north Indian dishes. This recipe is made with mustard green and spinach ...
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Tomato Pulusu

Tomato Pulusu, How to Make Tomato Pulusu Recipe, Tomato Rasam

Tomato Pulusu Recipe is one of the simple and easy to digest Andhra style recipe. Many people use a tomato ...
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Gobi 65, How to Make Gobi 65 Recipe, Gobi Fry Recipe, Cauliflower 65

Gobi 65 Recipe is one of the famous and yummy Indian starters. It is spicy and crunchy; it is sometimes ...
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Pear and Mango Chutney

Pear and Mango Chutney, How to Make Pear and Mango Chutney Recipe

Pear and Mango Chutney is a delicious summer recipe. You can taste the unusual flavor of mangoes and pear at ...
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Rasam Masala

Rasam Masala, Rasam Masala Powder, How to Make Rasam Powder

Rasam masala powder is a famous and simple south Indian recipe. This is a base masala powder recipe for making ...
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Beerakaya Pachadi

Beerakaya Pachadi, How to Make Beerakaya Pachadi, Ridge Gourd Chutney

Beerakaya Pachadi Recipe is a green and high in fiber recipe, which can be consumed directly with hot rice or ...
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Dal Ka Seera

Dal Ka Seera, How to Make Dal Ka Seera Recipe, Moong dal Halwa recipe

Dal Ka Seera Recipe is a north Indian recipe made with Moong Dal. It is generally prepared during festival seasons or ...
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Adai Recipe

Adai Recipe, How to Make Adai Recipe, South Indian Adai Dosa Recipe

Adai Recipe is one of the famous south Indian breakfast recipes. Usually, South Indian Adai Dosa Recipe has an added flavor ...
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Atte Ka Sheera

Atte Ka Sheera, How to Make Atte Ka Sheera, Whole Wheat Halwa Recipe

Atte Ka Sheera is one of the easiest halwa recipes you can cook in your home at no time. This ...
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Melon Juice

Melon Juice, How to Make Melon Juice Recipe, Watermelon Juice Recipe

Melon Juice Recipe is one of the soft, sweet and refreshing drink during the summer season. We find it everywhere ...
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Sambar, How to Make Sambar Recipe, Sambar Recipe with Vegetables

Sambar Recipe is considered as a traditional vegetable stew of South India which is made with yellow lentil, tamarind extract, ...
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Beerakaya Vada

Beerakaya Vada, How to Make Beerakaya Vada Recipe, Ridge Gourd Vada

Beerakaya Vada Recipe is one of the simple south Indian low spicy healthy snack recipes. As this is made from ...
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Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo, How to Make Dum Aloo Recipe, Restaurant Style Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is one of the easiest dishes which are prepared with baby potatoes. Usually, the aroma of this recipe ...
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Onion Rice

Onion Rice, How to Make Onion Rice Recipe, Simple Onion Rice Recipe

Onion Rice Recipe is one of the simple and easy to prepare the dish. It can be prepared with fresh cooked ...
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Ridge Gourd Raita

Ridge Gourd Raita, Beerakaya Perugu Pachadi, Ridge Gourd Raita Recipe

Ridge Gourd Raita Recipe or Beerakaya Perugu Pachadi is one of the simple and easy to make recipes famous in south India. Make ...
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Double Ka Meetha

Double Ka Meetha, How to Make Double Ka Meetha in Hyderabadi Style

Double Ka Meetha Recipe is a Hyderabad special Indian dessert recipe. This recipe is made by frying bread pieces until they ...
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Beerakaya Pappu

Beerakaya Pappu, How to Make Beerakaya Pappu Recipe, Lentil Curry

Beerakaya Pappu Recipe tastes great when it is served with hot rice and ghee. Yellow lentil with ridge gourd is ...
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Macaroni Pasta

Macaroni Pasta Recipe, How to Make Macaroni Pasta Recipe Indian Style

Macaroni Pasta Recipe made from fresh vegetables and butter is really a yummy experience which can be given to your family ...
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Navratan Korma

Navratan Korma, How to Make Navratan Korma Recipe, Vegetable Korma

Navratan Korma Recipe is a Mughlai Indian Vegetarian Recipe. The word ‘Navratan’ means nine gems, here we are using nine varieties ...
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Date Rolls

Date Rolls Recipe, How to Make Date Rolls Recipe, Date Rolls Indian

Date Rolls Recipe is one of the fast and easy desserts. As it is wrapped with loads of healthy dry ...
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Ridge Gourd Salad

Ridge Gourd Salad, How to Make Ridge Gourd Salad, Healthy Salads

Ridge gourd salad is one of the best raw diet recipes, people who are serious about losing their weight and ...
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Ragi Chapati

Ragi Chapati, How to Make Ragi Chapati Recipe, Finger Millet Chapati

Ragi Chapati Recipe is one of the staple foods among farmers of south India. Ragi recipes keep your body strong ...
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Sorakaya Pappu Recipe

Sorakaya Pappu, How to Make Sorakaya Pappu Recipe, Lauki Chana Dal

Sorakaya Pappu Recipe or Anapakaya Pappu or Lauki chana dal is one of the traditional Andhra dal recipes made with ...
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Cauliflower Curry

Cauliflower Curry Recipe, How to Make Cauliflower Curry, gobi curry recipe

Cauliflower Curry Recipe is one of the famous Indian dishes. When it is combined with potato its taste is ultimate, blend ...
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Green Leafy Vegetable Recipes

Green Leafy Vegetable Recipes | Lentil Dal With Mixed Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetable Recipes are one of the most eaten food diets for all kinds of food lovers as they ...
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Eggplant Salad

Eggplant Salad, How to Make Eggplant Salad, Healthy Brinjal Salad

Eggplant salad also called Brinjal salad when made with fenugreek seeds makes it one of the healthy salad recipes. Recipes ...
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Bengal Gram Curry

Bengal Gram Curry, How to Make Bengal Gram Curry, Black Gram Curry

Bengal Gram Curry is one of the famous South Indian recipes. Black Gram Curry can be served as a spicy snack ...
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Dondakaya Masala

Dondakaya Masala, How to Make Dondakaya Masala Curry, Tindora Sabzi

Dondakaya Masala curry is one of the Andhra style spicy masala recipes. I tried to use ground nuts as the ...
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Ladies Finger Curry

Ladies Finger Curry, How to Make Ladies Finger Curry, Bhindi Curry Recipe

Ladies finger curry is one of the healthy recipes. As per nutritional benefits, ladies finger is said to improve our ...
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Brinjal Masala

Brinjal Masala, How to Make Brinjal Masala Recipe, Baingan Masala Curry

Brinjal Masala is an Andhra style spicy and classic easy to prepare the dish. This recipe is stuffed with spicy ...
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Chana Dal Soup

Chana Dal Soup, How to Make Chana Dal Soup, Easy Chana Dal Recipe

Chana Dal Soup is yet another easy to make whole Bengal gram soup. It can be prepared from easily available ...
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Black Eyed Pea Salad

Black Eyed Pea Salad | How to Make Black Eye Pea Salad Recipe

Black Eyed Pea Salad is an excellent source of food for the people who are health conscious. It helps in ...
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Vegetable Pie

Vegetable Pie, How to Make Vegetable Pie Recipe, Vegetarian Pie Recipe

Vegetable Pie is one of the healthy vegetarian recipes. Vegetarian Pie Recipe is filled with mixed vegetables and topped with ...
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Rava Dosa Recipe

Rava Dosa Recipe, How to Make Rava Dosa Recipe, Crispy Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa Recipe can be prepared instantly with hassle-free. All you need is semolina, rice flour and other kitchen ingredients ...
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Vegetable Milk Soup

Vegetable Milk Soup, How to Make Vegetable Milk Soup, Veg Milk Soup

Vegetable milk soup is a simple healthy soup recipe which can be prepared within minutes. It serves as a perfect ...
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Channa Bhatura Recipe

Channa Bhatura Recipe, How to Make Channa Bhatura, Chole Bhature

Channa Bhatura is one of the famous North Indian dishes. Chole Bhatura recipe is one of the healthy breakfast recipes ...
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Cabbage Coconut Curry

Cabbage Coconut Curry, How to Make Cabbage Coconut Curry Recipe

Cabbage coconut curry is one of the South Indian recipes (Andhra Style). It is made from black gram and cabbage ...
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Pappu Pulusu

Pappu Pulusu, How to Make Pappu Pulusu, Andhra Pappu Charu Recipe

Pappu Pulusu is Andhra style tamarind based Toor dal/Yellow lentil vegetable stew. It is aromatic and delicious in taste. It ...
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Brinjal Curry

Brinjal Curry, How to Make Brinjal Curry, Baingan Curry, Vankaya Kura

Brinjal curry or Baingan Curry is one of the low-calorie vegetarian recipes. Apart from its delicious taste many of us are ...
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Aloo curry

Aloo Curry, How to Make Aloo Curry Recipe, Andhra Potato Curry Recipe

Aloo curry is a simple dish which can be prepared from available kitchen ingredients at no time. As we all ...
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Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe, How to Make Poha Recipe, Step by Step Aloo Poha Recipe

Poha recipe is a simple Indian breakfast recipe which can be prepared at no time. Children like to have it ...
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Carrot Rice Recipe

Carrot Rice Recipe, How To Make Carrot Rice Recipe, Carrot Pulao Recipe

Carrot rice is one of the healthy foods we can easily prepare at home. Children like to have it because ...
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Green All Purpose Chutney

Green Chutney, How to Make Green Chutney, Green All Purpose Chutney

Green chutney can be used as a multi-purpose paste. It can be used as munching stuff for a wide variety ...
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Masala Dosa Recipe, How to Make Masala Dosa, Masala Dosa Filling

Masala Dosa Recipe is one of the popular breakfast recipes in south India. From one end it is crispy and from ...
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Hara Pulao

Hara Pulao Recipe, Green Pulao Recipe, How to make Hara Pulao Recipe

Hara Pulao or Green Pulao is one of the healthy recipes which goes well with all kinds of non-vegetarian recipes ...
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Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji Recipe, How to Make Pav Bhaji Mumbai Style

Pav bhaji is one of the famous dishes in North India. It is made from mixed vegetables. It can also ...
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Green chilli Pickle

Green Chilli Pickle Recipe with Mustard Powder, Hari Mirch Ka Achar

Green Chilli Pickle? If I am right, many of us might be afraid of green chillies because of its spiciness ...
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vegetable biryani

Vegetable Biryani Recipe, How To Make Vegetable Biryani, Veg Biryani

Vegetable biryani is a colorful Indian rice recipe. You can smell the aromatic flavors of vegetables from distance. Mixed vegetable ...
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Gobi ka paratha

Gobi Ka Paratha Recipe, Cauliflower Paratha, How To Make Gobi Paratha

Gobi Ka paratha is Indian style bread stuffed with grated cauliflower and special Indian spices. It one of the Punjabi ...
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Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice Recipe, How to Make Lemon Rice Pulihora South Indian Style

Lemon Rice is one of the simple recipes. You can have it as breakfast or for lunch. It is often ...
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Garam Masala Powder

Garam Masala Powder, Homemade Garam Masala powder Recipe

Garam masala powder is a blend of toasted aromatic spices. This can be called an Indian magic ingredient which enhances ...
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Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is the famous North Indian recipe. This is an exclusive flat Indian bread which is made from whole ...
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Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney is flavored Indian recipe. It serves great as a side dish with many varieties of snacks and rice ...
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Peanut chutney

Peanut Chutney

Peanut chutney is one of the most preferred  among south Indian recipes. As we all know peanuts are good source ...
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Butter Naan

Butter Naan

Butter Naan or nan is one of the delicious bread made of refined flour. Butter naan with shahi paneer is ...
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Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe, How To Make Ginger Garlic Paste with Tips

Ginger Garlic Paste is mainly used as a flavoring agent in many Indian recipes. Because it has many culinary uses ...
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Carrot Soup

Carrot soup

Carrot soup is a pleasant orange color and aromatic Indian dish. One can’t resist seeing yummy creamy carrot soup recipe ...
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Bhatura or Poori is soft and puffy. Many people use white flour instead of wheat flour, they feel using maida ...
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Aloo Ka Paratha

Aloo ka Paratha

Aloo ka paratha is one of the healthy Indian recipe. Potatoes are stuffed into plain flour dough. Alu paratha is  ...
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Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice is one of the North Indian recipe. It is not only good in taste but it is equipped ...
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Potato In Curd Gravy

Potato In Curd Gravy

Potato in curd gravy is one of the famous North Indian recipe. It is a combined with yummy yogurt cream ...
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Shahi paneer

Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer is one of the famous North Indian recipes. Shahi refers to ‘royal ‘and paneer is ‘cottage cheese’. You ...
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Mango Pappu

Mango Pappu

Mango Pappu - Mangoes are available abundantly in summer season, so we can call Mamidikaya Pappu as one of the ...
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Rice Flour Chekkalu

Rice Flour Chekkalu Recipe, How to Make Rice Flour Chekkalu Appalu

Rice Flour Chekkalu or Appalu is one of the famous Andhra snack. They are crispy and golden color. Appalu is ...
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Crispy Rice Flour Rings

Crispy Rice Flour Rings – Chegodilu

Chegodilu is one of the famous south Indian snack. They are crispy and golden colour. They speckled with white seasame ...
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Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup is a delicious dish which can be prepared very easy. If its snowing or raining then Tomato recipe ...
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Vegetable Salad

Vegetable Salad

Vegetable Salad is always given high priority in out diet as they can fulfill our body nutritional values. We find ...
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Tomato Pappu

Tomato Pappu

Tomato Pappu is one of the famous and vegetarian foods in Andhra. Andhra people believe kandi pappu or tur dal ...
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Mushroom curry

Mushroom Curry

Mushroom curry is such a delicious dish that any one will definitely become a fan of it. The flavour turns ...
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Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice is a popular Chinese recipe. Learn how to cook Fried  Rice. It is cooked on a high ...
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Gobi Manchurian Dry

Gobi Manchurian Dry, How to Make Gobi Manchurian Dry Restaurant Style

Gobi Manchurian dry is one of the famous starter recipes in India. It is delicious with tangy and spicy flavor. It ...
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Sindhi Sai Bhaji

Sindhi Sai Bhaji

When one talks about Sindhi food, Sai Bhaji is a typical Sindhi (western Indian) food. This mixed vegetable and dal dish is ...
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Gobi Manchurian Gravy

Gobi Manchurian Gravy

Gobi Manchurian Gravy is one of the famous starters in India. Cauliflower Manchuria is delicious, tangy spicy and gravy. It ...
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Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak is a nutritious North Indian recipe. Aloo Palak is an easy and delicious Indian food recipe that is ...
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Tamarind Pulihora

Tamarind Pulihora Recipe, Chintapandu Pulihora, How to make Tamarind Pulihora

Tamarind Pulihora, is one of the traditional Andhra rice recipe made during festivals as naivedyam. It’s one of the tangy ...
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Masala Vada Recipe

Masala Vada Recipe, How to Make Chana dal Masala Vada, Paruppu Vadai

Masala vada is one of the most eaten Indian snack or fry side Indian snack recipes. Learn how to make ...
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