Ripe Mango Juice

Ripe Mango JuiceFresh mango juice is one of the easy to prepare summer drink at home. With minimal cooking skills you can make Ripe Mango Juice at you home which tastes exactly same as the one you purchase out in the fruit shops. It is a simple delicious recipe which can be made and served when a guest enters your home.




Ripe mangoes – 1kg

Sugar – 1 ½ kg

Water – 1 liter

Preparation of Ripe Mango Juice:


  • Wash the Mangoes with pure water as it contains many chemicals sprayed on it.
  • Take a big vessel add a pinch of salt, sugar and water. Boil the mixture until you get fine and sticky syrup. Let it cool.
  • Extract the juice and mix with the above sugar syrup.
  • Now you can store this mixture in a pet bottle. Serve it cool with ice cubes


Tip: You can add mango essence to the above mixture to enhance its essence. If you feel the color is dull then you can even add color to the above mixture.

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