Mango Pickle

Mango PickleMango Pickle! wow its one of my favourite pickle. In many parts of India, it is the most used recipe in combination with dal recipes. Mango pickle with urad dal and with little touch of ghee gives you ultimate taste. This fruit is abundantly available in summer season, so people make use of preserving techniques and store them to use for latter seasons.


Raw mangoes – 1 kg

Mustard seeds – 150 grams

Kabuli channa – 100 grams (optional)

Red chilli powder – 150 grams

Sesame oil – 250 grams

Salt – 150 grams

Preparation of Mango Pickle:


  • Selecting mangoes is as important as preparing the recipe. They have to be hard and sour in taste as it the first point to be noted to preserve the pickle for many days


Tip: While cutting into pieces let the inner shell remain intact and it should be washed with clean water.


  • Cut the mangoes into required size (1 inch) and clean them with neat cloth (white)
  • Grind mustard seeds to a fine powder.
  • Mix salt and chilli powder with the grinded mustard seed powder
  • Quantity of chilly powder and salt can be taken as per your tastes
  • Take one Jar and clean it with dry cloth.


Tip: If you find any foul smell in the jar then put a small piece of coal for few minutes


  • Spread the mixture (powder and pieces) and pour oil above it. Mix the whole mixture until it is well mixed


Note: After 2-3 days you will notice oil rising up. Always note that there should be a layer of oil floating at the top to remain the pickle undamaged for long period.


  • For better flavor and texture use good Red chilly powder


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