Pomegranate Juice Recipe, How To Make Pomegranate Juice Recipe

Pomegranate Juice RecipePomegranate juice recipe is one of the simple and healthy refreshing health drinks. It is loaded with antioxidants and is known to cure men’s sexual problems. Regular drinking of this juice not only helps in reducing cholesterol levels but also lower the risk of getting breast cancer.

Nowadays it has become a passion for purchasing packed juices from retail shops, but we need to remember that any juice which is packed cannot be as fresh as home made. Also in order to preserve juices, manufacturers add preservatives and other chemicals which are harmful to our body. Learn how to make Pomegranate Juice with our simple and easy steps.

We have been thought that eating fruits are good for our body but because of technology and productivity, even farmers use chemicals while production and shipping, have you noticed fruits look beautiful when they are glossy, but do you know that merchants coat fruits with wax and in worst cases petty merchants even inject chemical colour to make pomegranate seeds much darker and red.

Ingredients for Pomegranate Juice Recipe:

Pomegranates – 4 no.

Sugar – 2 tbsp. (for additional sweetening – optional)

Lemon extract– 2 tbsp. (fresh)

Ice Cubes

How to Make Pomegranate Juice Recipe:

  • Cut the crown of the fruit and slice the skin part into four quarters and gently pull apart and break the sections.
  • Now pluck all the seeds and put in a juicer container
  • Extract the juice using the skillet and strain the pulpy remain.

Tip: To squeeze the juice and remove pulp, make use of spoon back

  • Add a little sugar and fresh lemon extract.
  • If you want you can put ice cubes and blend so that the juice becomes chilled
  • Or else you can pour Pomegranate Juice Recipe in serving glasses and put the ice cubes and serve.

Tip: Don’t throw pulp extract as it’s rich in dietary fiber. Although you may not like its taste, you can add little salt and honey and have it alone.

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