Dal Ka Seera, How to Make Dal Ka Seera Recipe, Moong dal Halwa recipe

Dal Ka SeeraDal Ka Seera Recipe is a north Indian recipe made with Moong Dal. It is generally prepared during festival seasons or during functions. Moong Dal Halwa Recipe garnished with cashew and raisins having mouth-watering flavor will make you crave for more.

This recipe is one of the smooth and amazing sweet recipes which can be eaten from children to old people. It is one of the time-consuming recipes and patience needed the recipe. As said by elders any output which takes time and hardworking will yield you better results, Moong Dal Halwa Recipe is also of the same kind. One needs to stir constantly so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel and we need to take care of sugar syrup. I have clearly explained below along with tips.

Ingredients for Dal Ka Seera:

Moong Dal (Green) – 500 gms.

Sugar – 500 gms.

Milk – 1 tbsp.

Ghee – 500 gms.

Saffron – 1 pinch

Cashew – 2 tbsp.

Cardamom powder – ½ tbsp.

Raisin – 2 tbsp.

Water – 250 ml.


How to Make Dal Ka Seera Recipe:

  • Soak Moong dal for about 6 hours
  • Flush with water so that the green skin is all removed.
  • Put in a stone grinder and make a fine paste.


Tip: Try to use very little water during the grinding process.


  • On other hand make sugar syrup by adding water and sugar in a separate pan.
  • Boil the syrup until you get sticky liquid. (If you pour the concentration with the help of a spoon, you find thin thread)


Tip: If you put 1 tsp. of milk during the boiling stage, you find scum rising once you attain your required concentration, remove it with a skillet.


  • Heat ghee in a thick bottom vessel and add grinded dal.


Note: You need to stir continuously or else it burns and loses the flavour


  • Once you find colour turns to golden brown and dal stops sticking to the vessel you will notice ghee oozing or separation.
  • Now add sugar syrup and cardamom powder along with saffron dissolved in water.
  • Under low flame, let it cook until you find all water gets absorbed.
  • On other hand with a little ghee, fry cashew and raisins and garnish this above Dal ka seera Recipe.




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